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 Australia near the Luneng defender mcgewan ball from right to send in a restricted area, Cahill in the restricted area can not ball landing volley directly, the ball is hit the crossbar after along network, 1-1. This goal makes me want to volley past Basten zero degree angle, so like, but, Cahill this ball angle bigger. Twenty-fifth minutes, the Holland team after the corner kick opportunity, corner before sending the point, Vlaar headed over. In thirtieth minutes, Bresciano left the ball to the bottom line, in Deveri's interference, the ball is out of the bottom line, Australia has the corner kick opportunity. Thirty-second minutes, the Australian front free kick, free kick to send road closed area, the Holland team looked against problems directly hit the door, Pilar Aganovich in the restricted area after the ball, oneself also is not to want to play, the foot and didn't play power. In forty-fourth minutes, Cahill kick the Indy, was the referee booked, because in the last game he has received a yellow card, this will lead to Cahill the next game can not play, this is a great loss to australia. One time, the injured some serious, stretcher directly carried him into the locker room. Article 45+1 minutes, the Holland team substitution, the Lollards, Indy was injured. In fifty-fourth minutes, Anmet in the restricted area dealer handball foul, Australia won the penalty, Jedinak penalty, Australia 2-1 counter ultra score. Fifty-sixth minutes, the Holland team passes, Mackay breakthrough into the box pass, Holland damage chudi. Fifty-eighth minutes, the Holland team on the left inside the box and send Zhise, Van Persie caught the ball turned the ball into the goalkeeper, 2-2, the two sides once again returned to the same starting line. Sixty-

second minutes, the Australian front left free kick opportunity, Orr free kick before sending the point, Vlaar headed back out. Sixty-third minutes, the Australian team sent after the ball left McKay, Cahill header to header, but the force is not no threat. Sixty-seventh minutes, the Australian qianchangduanqiu, Lecky box unmanned watch cases, chest shot, the ball was Holland's goalkeeper get. Sixty-eighth minutes, Germany sent the road in the field before the ball, suddenly outside instep long-range score, change the direction of the ball after landing, Ruian not to pounce, the ball penetrates into the net, the Holland team over 3-2. Sixty-ninth minutes, the Australian team substitution, Cahill, harollan on. Seventy-second minutes, the Holland team to continue to put pressure on the Australian defence, Robben took the ball to the bottom line, knock back to the road, Schneider hit the door to be back closure after stopping. Seventy-third minutes, Holland team before the game free kick opportunity, Robben free kick directly hit the door, around the wall after the Ruian. In seventy-fourth minutes, Van Persie in the restricted area after the ball knock back, after De Jong catch shot was saved in Ruian. Seventy-sixth minutes, the Australian substitutions, Orr, Taggart on. Seventy-eighth minutes, the Holland team also conducted

personnel adjustment, DeGuzman, Wijnaldum! Eighty-second minutes, the Australian left the forbidden area the last corner kick opportunity, Jedinak free kick directly hit the door, the ball is the Holland team headed back out. Eighty-seventh minutes, the Holland team the substitution of players, Van Persie, Lons, Van Persie also will end before the captain to Robben on the arm. The end of the game, the Holland team twice in the circumstances behind the counter ultra score 3-2 final opponent. The line-up of Australia (4231), 22-:1- /19- mcgewan Ryan Wilkinson, 6- Spiranovi, 3- Davidson /17- Markey, 15-, 11- Yedinake orr (76 minutes 9- Taggart), 23- Bresciano, 7- /4- Cahill Lecky (69 minutes 10- harollan) Holland (532), 2- /7-:1- Xilesen Jan Matt flowers, Deveri, 3- 4- time (46 minutes 21- German), 5- /8- DeGuzman blinder (78 minutes 20- Wijnaldum), 10- Schneider, 6- De Jong and /9- Van Persie (87 minutes 17- lens), 11- Robben (Amanda)

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