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 After the match the evaluation: very satisfied

Everton against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho is very aware of the potential importance of winning the ball William lore.

Game entered the final two minutes, Williams broke meritorious deeds, Yijizhiming. Blues three points, the highest in the Premier League top spot, still seven points ahead of Manchester City.

Mike Mussina for the players to defeat enemies morale and performance are satisfied.

"In my impression, no Which team did not win one or two experienced lore, I coached the team certainly is." Mourinho said, "Every time I win the league, so I will have two the game is in the final minute to win down. this is the first time this season we have encountered such a situation. "

"The competition is extremely difficult, Everton something different, and I say this is what they mean praising their formation on the list, keep very well. They make a ball, use Loukakou find space to attack. They are very tough opponent, and I are very satisfied with the three points. "

Cech made two crucial saves, he denied Loukakou shot, Mike Mussina won praise "He had two touches, mainly in the sidelines, but the first half of that fighting is very exciting, super exciting second half that put out this is what we need;. Courtois did, and now Peter (Cech) is the door. will it play its role is very important. "

Mourinho then explained why choose this field Cech, not Courtois "Courtois successive hit Liverpool, Manchester City and Aston Villa's game, it was all a game needs a lot of concentration. Every detail is important, do not touch the ball, they also have to keep focused, I goalkeeper also think fatigue will not only be physically tired, nervous system will be tired. "

"Peter has been doing very well, very hard. Every time training, I could feel his condition is very good. This is the best choice for his team, and is a leader."

"Terry was sick this morning, until the last moment before deciding can play, so I need to Peter by virtue of his character and ability to communicate in the field. It was a very good decision."

Mourinho believes Barry sent off long overdue received a red card "Barry was sent off in respect of the first half to go, because he took a yellow card after a defensive player as the last, and pull the Azar, so time to get a second yellow card in respect."

Mourinho also believes Naismith's handball should give us a penalty "I think it was a clear penalty, but the referee did very well, the law enforcement very difficult, because there is a team on the defensive in the box, the ball right back on a long pass to find Loukakou, which makes the main enforcement is difficult to judge, because he must pay close attention of a restricted area, and then suddenly a long ball field, run faster than the referee. "

"He's very stable level of law enforcement. Linesman judged our goal (since offside) invalid decision is also doing very well."

Overall, Mourinho believes the team under difficult circumstances demonstrate the excellent quality

"The players wishes more than anything else. Everything lies in the core of the player's morale, this can be seen. Team a lot less important players, Terry little trouble, just back from injury, Fabregas, William suffered minor injuries, Oscar absence, Diego Costa is not in. they show a very good spirit. "

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