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 In midweek Champions League qualifying game against Bruges offs, Belgium Fellaini empty Pa game off the bench in the second half, Manchester United scored the third goal of the urgent need critical moment, standing inside the penalty area he was familiar with, Memphis received a pass in the casual cool slightly brutal header score, 3-1 to Manchester United may have more confidence to meet the second round of the competition.


Today's society a bit impetuous, love a lot of people after the dew will temporarily forget their own side of the still empty couch fact, body and spirit to meet temporarily not ready to meet the next empty prepare, until the moment of hormonal surges He realized that he should find a young married woman. So anxious.


Examples of such use may not be appropriate in the football field, but it is really quite similar to the current situation with Manchester United. Smolin's sudden resuscitation, Romero "seamless" alternative Degea, Memphis broke out last season under Van Gaal to enter the minds of 20 goals Rooney center continue to show sluggish facts. Offensive totally leftist wing is strong in both Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick and Shinaidelin combination also makes people look forward to, the introduction of Pedro Tyrant facing competition, but to continue poaching within Saints winger horses, I heart a worry: Manchester United line-up should be introduced gradually reasonable a true center?


Fellaini suddenly broke out last season for Manchester United in the case of the delay can not break the impasse of a better choice, Fellaini also return with the outstanding performance of Van Gaal's trust. However the car race after blasting Nova Zuma as stuck in my throat, Fellaini is not no solution, although in the other penalty area there is a strong deterrent, he is not a center, Everton rush period as video front of him fulcrum obvious, some rough personal technology makes him very difficult to complete the first field the ball and turned to each other in the hinterland of a new round of attacks.


In the new season, Rooney sustained if there is no state, Fellaini top striker, then, a strong defender of entangled face Manchester United in front of the penalty area a pure center really need it?


View 1: must be the introduction of a center, it is best to get the ball, to coordinate, to the kind of goals. This aim restored to its former glory and in European competitions have expectations of Manchester United, is very important.


Point 2: temporarily do not have it, I still believe Rooney. Although early season performance is good, but I still believe in a strong frontcourt ability to feed cake, Rooney eat enjoyment.


View 3: We are not a small pea it? Coquettish moves morale high, positive efforts clamor archery, water ball and playfully the blind.


Please speak out, put forward their views, regardless of length, regardless of black honey. Black To Black was reasonable, honey to honey was reasonable. In addition to Manchester United fans, unlimited welcomed the other team's fans to war, we must not shield their mistakes never favoritism. Fighting more exciting, more experts, the gauntlet has become even more valuable.


Avoid the debate must not be too limited, we exchange ideas mainly vehemence is not a problem, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Destroy the atmosphere of the discussion will be deleted; acquaintances meet, chat stir base, it is not prohibited.

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