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 Whether you are Ned - Flanders (below) or Jeremy - Corbin, left-handed does not always make you famous reasons. Many centuries ago, the left-hander was considered to be wrong, and is deliberately corrected to use the right hand as the dominant hand, in order to avoid ridicule in society. Of course, it now appears, which with the news network as a joke.

Fortunately, in football, so there will be no prejudice. Instead, left-handed athletes are often regarded as a genius and a rare commodity, they will be protected from people like to use the same cotton wrap valuables. And this is clearly a very correct, because we are not hard to find a good left foot players.


If you want to talk about good left-handed players, then we can count until tomorrow: Di Stefano, Puskas, Cruyff or Maradona. But we will now discuss narrowed to the Premier League, and they are defined as the Juchui or wand, Harry Potter and Thor, the two of you first calm.


Ryan - Ryan Giggs

Left Definition: Wand

We will talk about the most famous left foot Giggs. Ryan Giggs at his most brilliant years, only need to use one of his feet will be able to cast his magic on the pitch. The genius of the Welsh wizard can always fly at Old Trafford left wing, relaxed and happy over his opponent. In their Red Devils scored 168 goals in wonderful, I bet there are at least 160 from his left foot.


Lucas - Podolski

Left Definition: Juchui

Since landing Arsenal, Podolski may not be his biggest energy into the Emirates Stadium, when German willing, his performance would not be retained. Today, Podolski flee Galatasaray, Turkey believes it is because of the Giants last season's Champions League Podolski in goal for them and for his interest.


David - Silva

Left Definition: Wand

If you want to find "wonderful" is the word in the dictionary, the above illustrations will be attached to David - Silva's photo. City Elf from 2010 Airborne Ittihad Stadium after the show ultra-high levels, and is considered one of the most creative in the history of Manchester City players. We can not imagine if his left foot as his right foot became what good would happen, too, the Premier League defender who also dare to think.


Charlie - Adam

Left Definition: Juchui

Once, Scottish footballer who as bright as the stars, and now, the Scots in energy football almost depleted. In the glorious period and Kenny - Kenny Dalglish and Graeme - Souness similar age, Charlie - Adam naturally become one of the last of the fire Scot. Charlie - Adam's left foot as if installed in a nuclear generator, he can pitch anywhere in the precision strike on the opponent's goal.


Alger - Robben

Left Definition: Wand

Thirty-one Dutch middle-aged men may not like other former Chelsea player by fans relish, but he left no doubt as a legend at Stamford Bridge, while Bayern Munich and the Netherlands, he is only written to this legend more brilliant. He only fired into the Blues had 19 goals, but some very cool.


Alexander - Kolarov

Left Definition: Juchui

We do not know why Alexander - Kolarov at Manchester City along the way to give Krishna. Apparently, his style is more pleasing. He can grab any chance the other goal ball fly. Since six seasons, they scored 16 goals Manchester City, for a left-back, this is a good result.


Leiden - Baines

Left Definition: Wand

Baines is a distinct and carat Rove left back. The Everton hero can be blasted out of nothing amazing heavy artillery, but England does best is like magically onrush from the flank and accurate for the striker sent assists.


John - John Arne Riise

Left Definition: Juchui

We continue to talk at left-back. John - John Arne Riise has a similar tractor famous general powerful left foot. Based on the huge contribution he made against Liverpool, Merseyside legendary red hair may be the best Norwegian players comment.


Mesut Özil

Left Definition: Wand

For Arsenal Ozil, the week before you might love him, the next week he can make you hate him. Fortunately, he every season in progress. He is the most important love Wenger will, we can predict his left foot will be one of the strongest in the Premier League assists capacity.


Robin - Robin van Persie

Left Definition: Juchui

Although he is now because of the negative attitude of Van Gaal move to Fenerbahce, but some of his performance will always remain in the hearts of fans of the Premier League. The Dutch striker at Arsenal and Manchester United should be more worthy of the trophy, while his magical left foot indeed for him to win a lot of the best goal of the month award.


Juan - Mata

Left Definition: Wand

As we expected, Juan - Mata did not reach him before it is too high to height. At the end of last season, some of the color of the performance so that the Spanish players at Manchester United from a nice alternative to slowly become a hero. His volley against Liverpool that ......


Matthew - Taylor

Left Definition: Juchui

In fact, we can write an entire paragraph to work at Taylor Portsmouth, Bolton and West Ham tireless. However, I know that you only care about one thing: Goal! Goal! Then Goal! Taylor used his left foot manufacturing a variety of ridiculous long-range, long-range and these are the only let him be remembered things. Who says this is a bad thing?


Gareth - Bell

Left Definition: Wand

Giggs may be the earliest stars in the Welsh Premier League flash, while Bell inherited the crown Giggs and created his own empire. The active Real Madrid star is trying to cast himself master of the style. In Tottenham, he was unstoppable: Do not let him break from the right.


Thomas - Hitzlsperger

Left Definition: Juchui

It's hard to find one pair of Thomas in a still alive fans - Hitzlsperger no trace favorite fans. Itself gave us "Juchui 'image of his presence. The German midfielder in his entire football career only scored 45 goals, but they actually all heavy artillery from his left foot, which he won the "hammer" nickname reasons.



Honorable mention: Oliver - Giroux, Damien - Duff, Daniel - Sturridge, Rafael - Rafael van der Vaart, Chris - Blount, Jack - Wilshere, Gareth - Bari, romero Lu - Loukakou - Gary Speed, Matthew - Etherington, Ashley - Cole, Esteban - Esteban Cambiasso, Patrice - Evra

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