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Reproduction of Jingshi butter hand in Russia and South Korea game. Akinfeev faced Li Genhao's long-range driven to distraction generally seek safety in flight like a ball. Before Akinfeev had two butter hand dropped the case, but is with the goal in the opposite direction, and the second reaction is rapid, can with butter hand hat trick. Butter hand ball for the most depressing is afraid is not Akinfeev, but coach Capello. In the four years prior to the world cup in South Africa, Capello coached the three lions, England goalkeeper Green have no equal in this world hands ruined a good situation of England, first and three points for the team after the pass, outlet, difficult to face Germany foreshadowed. Why miserable always Capello, his team why and butter hand unexpectedly so be inextricably involved, this is the chance? Is not necessarily. Online rumors that this problem, Capello in the body. Capello suffered from severe sweating sickness, is not used to the southern hemisphere, the hot weather, high temperatures

encountered and the tension will be a lot of sweat. In Europe the situation is better, in South Africa and Brazil to play in the world cup are catching up with high temperature, especially he has a full head of hair, the more accelerated the secretion of sweat glands in his scalp. So whether in Africa or in Brazil, before the game he in order to prevent sweating a lot, in the hair with a layer of special lotion, suppression of sweating. At the same time, the idea of Capello before the game habits and encourage players to shake hands. Ordinary players better, they kicked the ball, while goalkeeper is different, after the handshake gloves covered with butter, so one can imagine the game performance. And after the war Korea assistant coach advised Capello don't use what effects lotion, use spray well, can also inhibit sweating. The TA also gave a vivid example: know why C Luo in and the game in Germany after the referee lion’s roar? Because he was on the pitch after sweating hairstyle random play not play well, spray artifact he chased the referee to

pocket, but the referee did not give, C Luo started to anger, and then influence the game play. Do not know whether the second round match referee Capello will take the initiative to borrow spray artifact, wish he would not repeat the mistakes of C rom.. Russia and South Korea game there is a little surprising, it is the Korean team in the second half soon tired filling, three lung and before the blood red state be quite different. According to the online rumors, the South Korean team appear such physical contrast, related to their diet. Went to Brazil, the South Korean team with salted pickled cabbage 100 jar, while the South Korean players and can not resist the temptation of Brazil barbecue meal, so Brazil roasted meat with pickled cabbage. Salted pickled cabbage is negative for food, and remote Brazil barbecue this positive food together, one can imagine the results. The first few days without too much reaction, the first two days of the Korean game players collective diarrhea, and playing in the Russian tension accelerated condition, half-time players have also plunged into the toilet, then the company doctors can not survive. The second half of South Korean players belly aching feet, erratic, so quickly ran to be not moved. The Russian team goalkeeper Akinfeev hands and Mexico goalkeeper Ochoa crazy then resist the

high contrast. Some people will ask Mexico coach Herrera hair thicker than Capello, keep the streets aunt type separately, why his goalkeeper no hands? Through careful inquiries learned, Herrera with a wig, he was bald, too dry scalp bald. Mexico sexy female singer Tanliya love Mexico keeper: soon marry me a war with Brazil Mexico goalkeeper Ochoa Nabi, after the game his fame, many single beauty to confess to him, including the Mexico Tanliya sexy singer, her match with shout very penetrating rock cavity: soon marry me! A war of Ochoa fame also bring a lot of business the headhunter's favor, many commercials are invited him to join in the advertising words, colorful them: Ochoa mount guard, the thief laid off! The real A World Without Thieves! Ochoa brand anti-theft door, good luck, happy, worry free life. (anti-theft door advertising) because the heart, born with, by the feeling, follow one's inclinations, enjoy follow one's inclinations, Ochoa has its own set of. Maturity is not sophisticated, but know how to grade calmly, Ochoa condom! Achievements in man — — Ochoa condoms, each section has a unique design. (condom ads) (Danny Hagrid)

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