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 Azar: wins the trophy

After signing a new contract at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Azar was interviewed official website, it comes with the Blues renewed joy, recalling the experience of feeling since joining disclose campaign this season, the team's goal and commitment ......

It is no exaggeration to say that Azar had just spent a very good week.

He was the first to break off wins at the weekend 2-1 Aston Villa game, also played in the audience with Everton in midweek blues exciting duel. With our lore ball beat William toffee, continue to lead the Premier League standings, seven points to hold the advantage.

After five and a half contract with Chelsea, Azar smiling about this six days to the feelings and experiences.

"I signed a new contract, I am very happy because I was one of the effectiveness of the best clubs in the world." He said in an interview with the official website.

"I'm happy playing in the field, but also strive to win the trophy - which I think is the most important for the club, for all the fans, to say thank you to all the people who work for Chelsea."

"This is the perfect week. We played tough games against Aston Villa game that successfully win. Midweek game against Everton is also difficult to difficult, but in the end Williams scored a very nice goal. Now I added about a successful conclusion this week. "

"When I came here very happy, and now I've spent two and a half here. My memories are left, even in times of hardship in the game when we lost some. I made many new friends in London is a great city, the fans are good at play here for me is a very good opportunity. "

After the summer of 2012 by the French team Lille switch to the Blues, Azar's strength.

His performance in the first season on an impressive second year of his influence in the field is more significant, also harvested England Professional Footballers' Association Young Player of the Year and the Chelsea Player of the Year award. Azar has twice the England Professional Footballers' Association Premier League season the best team.

"I always have confidence that they can reach a very high level." Azar said, "I'm still young, but I played very good in France, came after England, also had a very good so far."

"Selected the best team of the season for me is not important, I just want to help the team win the trophy last season very well, but we did not win the championship, so hopefully this season can be changed."

"Adaptation here is not difficult, because there are a lot of people speak French, so I am very easy to adapt. The team in general has helped me a lot." "I did well in the field. Sometimes a good performance in the field can make you better off the court, so this is very important to me."

Mourinho influence on his obviously can not be ignored. Mussina just said, renewed instructions Azar believes Chelsea coaching team and players to help him become the best player in the world.

24 year-old Belgian striker spoke of mutual understanding and understanding between him and Mourinho.

"Even in bad times, he is also with me, we can open communication."

"I played well, he would tell me;.. I did not play well, he would tell me that I am very fond of this relationship between us and he gave me the freedom of the field, I have done is full to go. "

Azar continuous improvement in all aspects, it does not deny that he wanted to score regularly.

Guests at Villa Park on Saturday, his first harvest of the season 13 goals, tied the Blues first career total number of goals a season, four short of the total distance of 13/14 season. Now he is promising to achieve targets set itself.

"My goal is to have to increase the number of goals per season." Azar said, "Even if I did not score, I have always done everything in the field. But for an offensive player, the most important of course is win, goals and assists. " "I hope this season I can carry 20 or 25 balls, and that for myself and the team is very good news."

Mourinho has repeatedly talked about the importance of the Champions League for the development of young players. Main identity Champions League campaign experience has clearly benefited let Azar.

Champions League matches next week to restart the Blues last season to be a guest on the quarter-finals rivals Paris St Germain at the challenge of 16 first leg match in battle.

When asked if he had read recently in Paris game, Azar replied: "Yes, I try to do every week to see some of the French soccer match them (PSG) has a few big players, we know. how hard is there to win, but our goal is to qualify for the finals and win the championship. "

"Last season we lost 1-3 in Paris, but the first half we played very well, I scored a penalty, also hit the post score on us a little unfair, but here is very exciting to play the second leg. "

"My friend Demba Ba at the last moment into a very beautiful goal, send us the cut. At that time I was injured, but I'm very happy for him."

Paris Saint-Germain between two rounds and, for the first time with the Blues Azar also went to participate in the League Cup final at Wembley. Chelsea, Tottenham must overcome in order to get the first trophy of the season.

"I am very excited, I want to win this championship, not only for ourselves, but also for the fans." Chelsea winger said.

"In the Wembley stadium, winning is a must. We want the trophy back to Stamford Bridge, hope that can play a good fight."

Azar Blues career full of positive factors. Now Chelsea are still three fronts, the next few months he had the opportunity to help the team win several attractive contest trophy.

"Our team composition is perfect, the experience and have a physical." Azar explains, "To become a champion, both of which we all need. Played a few players have the opportunity to participate in the competition will go all out. this is the spirit we need. "

"Lead seven minutes is very good, but we all know how hard it is to play in the Premier League. As long as the output of a, it may be only four points, the situation may become very quickly. We know that Manchester City will continue to make every effort, so in order to stay at the top, we must continue to win. "

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