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 Cuadrado Matic Cech: the hearts of faith

Chelsea beat Everton a war many topics, there is a new aid for the first time starting with goalkeeper brilliant saves, and heavy weight of the third.

Cuadrado first represented play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, his skill, diligence and speed gave the home fans left a deep impression.

Serie A campaign in five and a half later, the Colombian striker in the Premier League for the first time starting to participate. He came off the bench at the weekend guest Aston Villa end of the game, the Blues finished the first show.

Speaking of this 1-0 victory against Everton, Cuadrado said: "(Serie A and the Premiership) The difference is that in Italy the game some more attention to tactics, here's a little faster tempo, more exchange that defense conversion faster than Italy. "

"There is an opportunity for the world's top football club, Mourinho coach under the command of the great effectiveness, I feel very good. I am very pleased to be able to play at Stamford Bridge for the first time, this is a very good seat stadium before two games difficult to play, but we are pleased to be able to get credit. "

Cuadrado's new teammate Matic also agree with his argument. Serbian midfielder who sent the ball in the end of the game the visitors entrance, but the Blues was offside, the goal is invalid. He also takes the first half, a free kick, a direct test of the center Howard. William is ultimately for us to break the deadlock.

"Our intention to win the game." Matic concluded, "the whole game 95 minutes, we fought for each other. We have done very well. This is a very important three points for us. I always keep the faith."

"This game is very difficult, in our expectations. In the future will be difficult to play every game, especially at this stage of the season."

"Facing us, each team will make every effort hundred points, we have to deal with this situation. We must continue to play so, to make a hundred points efforts to do so as long as I do not worry about it. We talk to compete against anybody. "

Chelsea in the game most of the time position of absolute dominance, but before the second half Chelsea striker Lukaku almost broke, thanks to the magic of Cech saves to keep the Blues before the door yet. Matic said Cech is the game "Heroes." Saihouqiehe revealed that in more detail with the left leg block ball.

"That pass before I saw everyone's position, so I know the ball came in, some people may be in that place." Cech recalls.

"I was moving as quickly as possible to that position, blocking that one space, trying to block a shot. If we were 0-1 behind, it might go the whole game is different, so I'm glad I did as a result of competition contribution. we did not fall behind 0-1, later also scored a winning goal, this is what we have faith in exchange for the return. "

"I keep trying, every coach to get permission from all appearances feel well prepared." Cech continued, "once again zero seal opponents certainly makes me very happy."

And Matic as Cech also believes that at this stage of the season the game more complicated, but also more difficult.

"This season, we have a few playoff games to play, a lot of our competitors as well. Sprint stage, our opponent is a champion, four or relegation fight. Every February and March, it will be more difficult. Your opponent are working hard for their goals to grab points, the difficulty will be getting bigger. "

"This time we put three points in the bag, we are very happy. But then it is a new week, another new game, we have to ready to go again. The road ahead is still long."

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