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 FIFA and its World Cup, is a huge benefit, "theater", Blatter and other officials on the stage singing, set up the stage of corporate giants.

In order to give readers more thoroughly to see this fight, we detailed interpretation of the constitution and the entry threshold FIFA sponsors; use FIFA's earnings, it analyzes FIFA's revenue structure.
On this basis, the requirements of our sponsors statement Blatter to step down, were analyzed. "No sponsorship" and "requires Blatter to step down" is a gesture, is the corporate brand image maintenance needs. To some extent, this is another sponsor of fans spoiled:. "Pro, do not blame me, FIFA have problems, but I am innocent, you continue to buy my product."
"Mr Blatter, your time is up."
This time the defection FIFA (FIFA) Chairman, is FIFA's "golden master" - two top sponsor and two World Cup sponsor.
Compared to colleagues behind the knife, these sponsors lethality might be greater. Some sponsors and FIFA have been working together for nearly 40 years, "brothers."
However, in the interests of the face, sponsors very decisive, "as long as one day reign Blatter, FIFA's reputation and image will continue to be defiled."
In other words, you do not go, my brand will be sewage "infection."
See the true interests of distress. Blatter's old rival, the British FA chairman Dyke gentle tone, but every word sight of blood, "If people want to pay to change FIFA, then change will certainly occur."
Really as bad as they expected it?
Who forced the Chairman to step down
Coca-Cola, Visa (VISA), McDonald's, Anheuser-Busch InBev within one hour and three other US companies the same day, has issued a statement: I hope that Blatter to step down
"In order to better development of football, Blatter should immediately leave, the only way FIFA can really start people trust, sustainable reform program." The Coca-Cola Company on October 5 first statement.
Then within one hour, the other three US companies sponsored FIFA - McDonald's, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Visa credit cards, has sound, please, Mr. Blatter to leave.
"Today Mr. Blatter most appropriate way is to resign as chairman, if he continues in the post of the President, will be the FIFA reform process an obstacle." Anheuser-Busch InBev said in a statement.
While denying this is a premeditated sponsored concerted action among suppliers, but Budweiser recognition, indeed, and other sponsors in this have been in contact before.
This is not the first time took the lead sponsors.
2014 Qatar bid for the 2022 World Cup and bribery was exposed, Sony, Adidas, Visa publicly issued a statement demanding a thorough investigation of this incident. After the expiration of the contract with FIFA, Sony did not contract with FIFA, but withdrew from the FIFA list of top sponsors. Of course, this is Sony's own poor performance related, but FIFA repeatedly scandals also prompted Sony to make this decision.
It is worth noting, Adidas and Kia top sponsors refused to join the two requirements make Blatter to leave the camp, and another in 2018 before becoming the first FIFA World Cup Russia's top sponsor companies - Gazprom AG declined to comment on the selection.
Also a fellow FIFA sponsor Hublot Swiss watch group (Hublot) said they would not revolt, he urged Blatter to leave.
"As a sponsor, we believe that FIFA should not be dragged into internal political issues." Hublot chairman Jean-Claude Beaver said in an interview with the Swiss newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag.
How to become a sponsor
FIFA sponsors adjust their structure, the sponsor is divided into three layers: The first layer, FIFA global partners; the second layer, the FIFA World Cup sponsor; the third layer, the host nation support providers, these The company must be sponsored by multinational companies
Although only partially sponsor "uprising", but due to come out sounding that several sponsors of FIFA sponsors important component, and therefore caused a small worldwide repercussions, enormous pressure on Blatter.
Why make it clear that several sponsors of effect, let us first sort out what all levels of FIFA's main sponsors and what the World Cup sponsor.
After the World Cup, the 2006 FIFA adjust the structure of its own sponsor, the sponsor is divided into three layers.
The first layer, global FIFA partners (similar to Olympic TOP). When the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, there are six, namely, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai & Kia Motors, the chief aviation, Sony and VISA. By the end of 2014, six sponsors contracts expire, Sony and aviation chiefs did not renew, Gazprom 盖茨普洛姆 and FIFA signed on as a member of the top sponsors.
According to FIFA's official website statistics, currently there are five top sponsors are: Adidas, Coca-Cola, VISA credit card, Hyundai Kia Motors and Gazprom (Gazprom), will pay $ 177 million to FIFA's annual sponsorship fee . They have the right to use FIFA and all its trademarks and other sports events to promote the various aspects at any time and any place, and not just sponsors, a lot more is involved in the FIFA football development projects.
The second layer is the sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, the same can be global promotion, but use is restricted to the World Cup and related trademarks Confederations Cup, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil have 8 sponsors are Anheuser - Busch (Million Granville), Castrol, Continental tires, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, MoyPark (European poultry food production company), Oi (Brasil Telecom), Yingli Energy.
The third layer is the host nation support providers, these companies must be sponsored by multinational corporations, and only in this country when the tournament will promote marketing, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil there are six Brazilian companies to become the host nation support providers.
How important Sponsors
FIFA between 2007-2010 four-year total revenue of $ 4.189 billion, which sponsors the total revenues totaled $ 1.097 billion, 26.2% of total revenue
The sponsor of FIFA's contribution be?
FIFA's main activity is the World Cup, so everything around the World Cup carried out. Although FIFA will release the annual report every year, but in general, their financial statements or budget is often a four-year period is an interval calculated.
We have to analyze the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
FIFA between 2007-2010 four-year total revenue of $ 4.189 billion, which mainly includes: a contest related income (Event-related Revenue) was $ 3.89 billion, accounting for nearly 93% of total revenue, there The most dominant is associated with the World Cup; two, other operating income of $ 172 million, 4% of total revenue; Third, financial revenue of $ 127 million, 3% of total revenue.
Obviously, the competition is absolutely the bulk of related income. This income is divided into four income: a total of $ 2.448 billion broadcast rights; second, the sponsor of total revenues totaled $ 1.097 billion, 26.2% of total revenue. Third, the World Cup license revenue of $ 71 million; four, sponsored by State licensing revenue $ 120 million.
Not difficult to see, the main income comes from sponsorship of FIFA and the sale of broadcast rights. Data show that, for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil brought about $ 4 billion in total revenue, compared with 66% more World Cup in South Africa.
Sponsored rewarding it
General rule of thumb is to sponsor will get 20% or more higher returns than traditional marketing. To sponsor the local market opened, and sometimes will ask FIFA to amend the relevant laws and regulations of the host country
FIFA to sponsor much in return?
World Cup provides a wealth of exposure opportunities for sponsors. World Cup's influence far not only on television and in the market for the brand, and even can affect a country's laws. Let's say, it is because the World Cup, the Brazilians and now they can drink a beer in the stadium.
Beginning in 2003, the Brazilian national ban drinking beer in the stadium. Brazilian authorities believe that the implementation of Prohibition court may reduce the incidence of violence in the stadium.
But FIFA this opposition. Former Secretary-General Jerome Valcke FIFA told reporters in 2012, "is part of the World Cup of alcoholic beverages, so we will let go of the ban."
FIFA won. On the eve of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil adopted the "Budweiser bill" for the sale of beer in the stadium the green light. Brazilian media ridicule, "Fortunately, FIFA's sponsors and some just beer company, rather than the drug companies and arms companies."
The new bill is indeed FIFA and sponsors and beer manufacturer Budweiser victory. Data show that during the World Cup, Budweiser sales volume has been significantly improved in 2014, "In Brazil, beer sales grew by 4.7%, sales growth was 1.4 percent compared to soft drinks. Worldwide beer industry sales in 2014 an increase of about 4.3%. "
It is noteworthy that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the 2005 ban on the sale and consumption of beer stadiums, as well as publish alcohol advertising laws, but he said that it would reconsider the ban during the 2018 World Cup approaching.
Because cooperation with FIFA, the relevant company's product sales often more than expected. In this regard, the German sports brand Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer in the company's Annual Report on 2014, wrote, "Recalling the World Cup this great moment, Adidas once again proved that when we focus and determination to show that we have the ability to beyond their own. "
Adidas started from 1970 and FIFA together in cooperation with FIFA oldest sponsors. Adidas and FIFA's latest contract will expire in 2030, allegedly on the value of the contract every four years, 95 million pounds.
Data show that in 2014 Adidas football products sales growth of over 20 percent to 2.1 billion euros ($ 2.31 billion), even more than the pre-set high expectations.
"General rule of thumb is that sponsor will get 20% or more higher returns than traditional marketing, if you are a sponsor, you give up?" Visa former head of global sponsorship exchange Woodward asked in a blog Road.
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