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 Sponsored collective "rebellion" in the maintenance of their brand image, "this is not the conscience of a sudden, but only a cold, strong corporate self-protective behaviors"

Whether global FIFA World Cup sponsor or partner, these companies are a leader in all walks of life, the importance of the brand image of the self-evident. Today, scandal-ridden FIFA, Blatter is to become the target of public criticism, these companies agreed vocal requirements Blatter to step down is not hard to understand.
One has decades of experience in sports management, and participate in FIFA's reform of the respondents said, sponsors choose "mutiny" point in time quite subtle. "They (the sponsors) realize that he (Blatter) will soon after the fall, if anything, will thereafter be forever labeled a" coward "," guts "of infamy, or will they choose now a last-ditch and become a force eventually pushed Blatter to obtain the respect of the outside world. "
"This is a possibility in the future useful public relations strategy, to big say in order to save this great sport of football, to small to say it is to be able to rebuild the brand image. And such a declaration is also spotted Blatter's American lawyers are everywhere tentative timing recent attitude of the parties. "The respondents said that four US companies has rejected a statement Blatter as FIFA President of the attitude or the timing of the release of a statement of logic carried out Reviews .
Famous football commentator Strong Yen analysis, from the whole situation in terms of public relations environment and FIFA, the sponsor is not a proactive behavior from their brand consideration, this is a defensive strategy, once the cloth Rath was confirmed violations, sponsors and FIFA bigwigs particular relationship with FIFA, will have a huge impact on their own brands. So this time out of 布拉特施加 pressure, in fact, is their kind of protection, with the association between them very seriously, especially with the FIFA World Cup. So make a decision such statements, it should also be compelling these commercial brands.
"They do not want to be involved. They had been trying to make myself stay out, but the huge pressure from the media, so they had to make a public statement." Patrick represents. Patrick is a sports marketing staff, once in a global football development projects and Blatter work, the project is initiated and established by the Coca-Cola Company in 1975.
FIFA security department before Chris Eaton now is Qatar International Sports Security Center is responsible for the integrity of the work of the movement, he pointed out, sponsors collective "rebellion" in the maintenance of their brand image, "This is not a sudden of conscience, but only a cold, hard business of self-protection behavior, but for Blatter, this is indeed worse than they hate those driven by the emotion of newspapers and magazines hundred thousand times. "
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FIFA Once you become a clean and transparent organization, what will be a new scene? Sponsors not only will not quit, but also to improve the sponsorship efforts
Although high-level sponsor of the World Cup even hinted, it may terminate the sponsorship cooperation with FIFA. However, according to Andrew Woodward's statement, these companies should not do so.
It is worth noting that, despite this four sponsors have taken action to oust Blatter to stand among the camp, but they have not said it would withdraw funding for FIFA, statistics show that in a World Cup cycle, which Four sponsors invested amount totaled approximately $ 1.6 billion.
"Even if they are considering divestments, they want to cancel the contract mid-term financial support for FIFA's no easy task, at this stage, so they choose to use the leverage of public assets, hoping to prevent FIFA large loss of blood, and save The company as a sponsor of the investment outcome. "Eaton representation. In fact, all FIFA sponsors are keenly aware that once they decide to withdraw, their competitors are very happy to sponsor the World Cup.
Thus, despite FIFA scandals, but the sponsors will not sever business ties with FIFA, because it will first hurt its own interests, once Coca-Cola, official sponsor Adidas quit the ranks, there will certainly be other top brands fill their position.
"It is worth pondering several declarations, because no one wants to see disappear FIFA principle, or the World Cup is no longer successful and attractive. After all, this sport is fundamentally a good product. The only question out in the FIFA management, openness and transparency. "Patrick said.
As long as the World Cup is still the world's largest event, the sponsors would not give up FIFA, but FIFA scandals obviously also affect the sponsor's image. Adidas pointed out that "the current negative public opinion about the FIFA, is not conducive to football, is not conducive to FIFA and its partners."
US market research firm to test 洛夫斯 Kaya noted that "FIFA's sponsors first is to emphasize the company's position that the company brought to FIFA in order to promote the development of football, enjoy the joy of football brings, and not for FIFA this organization, so they put their own and FIFA peeling off. "
Woodward wrote in a blog: "For those considering withdrawing sponsorship, I want to ask, you crazy yet within FIFA's World Cup is the most popular sport worldwide, people all over the world? I love it. "
In fact, the current sponsors made full preparations, neither hope Yinbulate event being implicated, do not want to lose sponsorship with FIFA.
For sponsors, the World Cup is now the best so that most consumers can see their own platform." Woodward said, "FIFA Once you become a clean and transparent organization, what will be some new sight? Sponsors not only will not quit, but will also raise sponsorship efforts.
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