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 2015-16 Premier League season 22 focus of a battle between Liverpool and Manchester United. Results With Rooney scored in the second half, away from home 1-0 Liverpool Manchester United to achieve the league this season for the other double play. Of course, from a process point of view the game, Liverpool's attack seems to be more proactive, and Manchester United in the face of high closing down when not suited or let the team into a passive. However, in such a special contest, the result is always more important than the process.

Liverpool: 22- Mignolet; 2 - Klein, 4-Kolo - Toure (81 ', 9 of the Turk), 17-Nicolas, 18 Moreno; 14- Henderson, 21 - Lucas, 23 Emre - Zhan; 7- Milner (90 ', 19- Caulker), 11-Phil Mino, 20 Lallana (76', 33- Abby)
Manchester United: 1 - Degea; 18- Ashley - Young (42 ', 43- Boss Vic - Jackson), 12 Smolin, 17 Blind 36-Damien; 28- Shi Naide Lin, 27- Fellaini; 35- Lin Jiade (66 ', 8-Mata), 21-Herrera (72', 7-des-Pres), 9 Marshall; 10- Rooney
For Manchester United, the opening stages it intends to slow down the pace of the game, but in the face Liverpool frenzied full-court press, the team's vision into reality is difficult. Restrictions on the ball for Manchester United man, covering almost any place in the front area, including both Manchester United player conduction interference from the front, are two flanking be limited.
Liverpool face this very aggressive and oppressive defensive posture, Manchester United in the backcourt players apparently showed great meet. Especially backcourt players, one of Manchester United defender the ball speed generally Pianman, secondly as a defender habitually ball forward, and this will undoubtedly have stepped up the game the team pass the ball appeared mistakes risk.
Liverpool are closing down for the destruction of Manchester United is obvious conduction system, which requires a ball player Manchester United great care to avoid, as far as possible in the shortest time the ball moved to the other players, not only for the pass rate has a great request, It is also a test of the accuracy of passing. In addition to the players for the ball outside oppression, Liverpool also pay attention to the potential for Manchester United ball point blocked. We can say the other formation maintains flexibility and integrity in the defense, even if Manchester United attempt ball assigned to the wing, the ball player is also the first time disturbed.
As a result the pass the ball when errors occur after Manchester United, Liverpool will also have a basis to start quick counter-attack, because they guarantee the formation of a compact in defense, also makes the link from defensive to offensive, can ensure adequate number of participants. Liverpool steals the ball after a fairly concise and very purpose, that is, quickly find the Manchester United defense behind the air when, thus forming a contact and teammate forward runs.
Another great feature of Liverpool attack is cross frontcourt transposition is very frequent, not only as Milner and Lallana or constantly switching in two wings, Phil Mino will try to pull even closer to the rib edges area. And Henderson, Emre - Zhan even include Lucas also pay attention to grasp the opportunity for forward runs. Overall, Liverpool's attack to maximize the use of good venue space, conscious creation of horizontal and vertical space, through continuous rapid transfer, the ball hit the Manchester United defense with the Ministry.
By contrast, Manchester United in the first half of the attack were cutting each other to pieces. On the one hand affected by the high-pressure Liverpool defense brings, makes itself evident Front is compressed, the number can be involved in the attack is extremely limited. On the other hand the few counter process, it is difficult to form a stable and layered impact.
Of course Liverpool is so tactical execution is based on the continued need for high-intensity running, and along with the players physical decline and reduced focus on the degree, will force similar system weakened its original power. Although the second half of Manchester United from the scene is not particularly obvious change, even once still in a passive, but the team has begun to create a field 30 meters into the top area of ​​the attack routine, and with external expansion midfield area, but also formation of the team as a whole provides a basis to start.
Although generally not as good as Liverpool continue to cross frontcourt transposition as tactical requirements, but at least some attempt to attack the second half, Manchester United was able to gain the players on the field by the position change by the effect. This also is not difficult to explain, Manchester United in the next attack does need to be more flexible.
The first is the return of Marshall Road, which is almost an inevitable choice for Manchester United was unable to open up the situation at the time of the attack. As the following the attack, then Fellaini put the ball to the left of Jackson, and Marshall went to the top of the arc of area be collusion. Although Rooney after teammate pass the ball failed to complete a good stopping action and hit the door, but it is still behind the Marshall alert to capture the opportunity to attack two points. Marchal threat in front of goal is clearly greater than the pull wing activity, and he got rid of extraordinary in a small area can be made even more directly in the penalty area damage.
Followed by Lu Nila to the wing, but it would be the last few races of the more common routines. That sudden before the original single arrow 鲁尼拉 the penalty area, but the middle space for other players adduction and forward runs, in order to open the offensive depth. In the following this attack, Herrera along the right ribs ball forward, then pull the ball to winger Rooney, while he is in the middle of the ball directly into the restricted area. Although Rooney then pass the ball by Toure denied, but at least it is a welcome change.
Gradually recover in the near future of Rooney scoring touch again deal in the Hill Manchester United to win the game, it was his whistle shortly before the break for Manchester United in the whole game in a passive situation but also from Anfield with three Divide and back. This is a tactical corner with, Fellaini air superiority undoubtedly played a crucial influence again, it was his small restricted area line before the first placement of competition to attract each other up to four people in the defense forces , this is Wayne Rooney provides almost unmarked space blank range.
Into the second half, Liverpool can still faced with the threat to defense through rapid mass cut, but from the perspective of defense to protect each other, the Manchester United has done is not good. Whether Emre - Zhan pick Phil Mino forward runs the ball after a teammate, or the other directly from the rib area after the break inverted triangle pass are well tear open the United defense. Of course, the field still has a good play, if not his several key saves, the end result will probably be difficult to predict.
To achieve double play of the season for Liverpool, which increase mental stimulation is clearly better than the so-called integration is much more practical. There is no doubt that Manchester United need a victory to boost this team's morale and confidence, and in this it has a lot more than it's necessary to sum up and reflect on the place. We hope that this will become a new beginning, so the team can return to the right track.
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