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Goalkeeper - Casper - Schmeichel (Leicester City): This week came just intend to buy small Schmeichel Liverpool succeed Mignolet rumors, the Danes had again contributed a weekend Wonderful play to help the team re-board the top. In the small junior sister apprentice of this zero seal, the most exciting moment is undoubtedly saved what Cellou single ball that in mind, as well as several accurate long pass attack ability. Fox is the next round of direct dialogue and Liverpool, does not know when he'll Which team effectiveness?
Defender - 范安霍尔特 (Sunderland): Premier League goal now is not the best player in the state Valdis not Loukakou nor Igalo, but black 后卫范安霍 Stewart. Round his small-angle break to help black cat at the scene extreme case of passive home draw with Bournemouth. FA consecutive weeks, if not canceled A red refraction goal, then 范安霍尔特 will become the first consecutive Premier League history to score four wheel linebacker. Premiership official dare cancel my one league goal, and I'm the next round and then into a, you afraid to ask!
Defender - Van Dijk (Southampton): Manchester United's game Saints and sleepy, in addition to scoring two teams almost instantaneous bursts positive goal at all. In this dish chicken pecking in the outstanding performance of the only point guard. Saints defender Van Dijk scored four steals 5 interceptions, completely frozen recent excellent state of Wayne Rooney Manchester United captain. His most recent outstanding performance to help the Saints had a slump of three consecutive zero closure and won three straight.
Defender - Craig - Dawson (West Bromwich Albion): the same dish chicken pecking, West Brom and Aston Villa this Turkey Derby scene than Manchester United that field even ugly. Pulis's team holed half, bottom Vera offensive clueless, the two sides finally ended 0-0, bloomers right gate Dawson closure and siege are several game the only highlights. 3 steals and three interception 2nd accurate pass plus several difficult rescue, delivery point of the last round of matches sinner finally completed a self-redemption in the derby.
Midfield - Payer (West Ham United): West Ham and Manchester City at home to lead the final harvest twice a minute, the biggest player is not eating bread Jianlou brace EMLA - Valencia, but the French midfielder Pa Yay. Reunion Hammers magician once again become the brightest star in the field, his free kick stunt Hart contributed extract the best round of fighting. Although regret did not score, but Payer extraordinary threat to the ball and let the Blue Moon always highly strained nerves defense.
Midfield - Ali (Tottenham): In this scene of large-scale cooperation the two sides of the game, is Ali in the magical world of the wave before the end of the game to help the Spurs get a victory. Even with a turn and then stopping volley, Ali Easily coherent goal is undoubtedly the best goal of the season favorable candidate. This field 比赛阿里多达 seven shots, including four shot is 1 doorpost, steals a pass interception aspect is exceptionally stable, totally not strive for bits Caballe. No wonder almost laughed Hodgson stands on a flower.
Midfield - Drinkwater (Leicester City): Fox victory over the summit of the unsung heroes. When this season, everyone's attention has been drawn Kanter steals, Mach Juarez extraordinary and Val di goals, few people noticed great progress in terms of drinking brother combing organization. The field he was finally in the actual data has helped the team's role. Plus foot long-range kick wonderful magical cross, mass shooting Jiangong long before two goals directly fox.
Midfield - Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea): Continuous back to the Emirates Stadium two seasons have brisk performance. This field 比赛法布雷加斯 in favorable scheduling playmaker Chelsea occupy the absolute advantage of the scene and the final completion of the first hero of the Arsenal double play. Ramsay and Flamini in midfield and dialogue, Fabregas is basically rolling the ball trader, his precise passing let most of the time but one person operations Arsenal players exhausted.
Forward - Costa (Chelsea): strength made red, strong Qiangdian, Costa ten minutes with a high light defeated Arsenal. If the first leg he relies on to help the referee, then the game is to use the strength of the United States 颜大帝 undoubtedly beat the Gunners defender. Wonderful moves caused Mertesacker red card, exciting Qiangdian scored the only goal of the game, there are several high-quality shot let Cech made brilliant saves. Hiddink took office after six goals in six games, Costa finally be there to retrieve his soul from Satan a.
Forward - Phil minoxidil (Liverpool): This 5-4 Carrow Road is undoubtedly the Premier League this season, the most Xuemaibizhang game. And he had repeatedly been questioned as a parallel Phil Mino is this exciting game to play the best players. The Brazilian scored two fantastic goals and had an assist, helping the team 1-3 behind in complete reversal of the situation. For Lallana last moment magical lore well foreplay bedding.
Forward - Aguero (Manchester City): Continuous brace. At Upton Park, West Ham United in the Payer led to Manchester City defensive end has caused tremendous pressure, Otamendi and Demichelis almost multiple errors to Valencia twice Jianlou break. Aguero this time with his own personal ability to force to help the team to get points, first with a wonderful lob kick hit the post, and then create their own penalty concurrence into the second half and played with volley and 伊海亚纳乔 help team second time equalizer. Manchester City match last 10 games in London, KUN scored 14 goals.
Goalkeeper - Mignolet & Rood (Liverpool & Norwich): one game into the 9 ball, both sides of the goalkeeper helpless to the extreme. Mignolet with opponents 5 shot is to show anger lost four goals, "celebrate" his new contract, his ability to control high ball near the penalty spot still seems very anxious to catch; Naismith ball that he also should do better; and Rudd is by his own guard pit was bad enough, as Martin put Oolong back pass which goalkeeper can not be saved, after all, is not this Turk Milner.
Defender - Stones (Everton): Liberty Stadium this season out of season, the strongest contribution to the performance of the Stones defender returned to Goodison Park to face Swansea but seemed nervous. Despite his steady ahead of the ball, as always, but in defense of his attention is clearly not enough focus. After return errors lead to Howard delivery point, Stones fans of this team even been sporadic boos, the more nervous he also bears some responsibility in the subsequent goal of Ayub.
Premier League Worst XI
Defender - Koscielny (Arsenal): As today's Premiership defender first card players, the game is clearly not in their own best Koscielny state. Mertesacker's red card incident, Kos Czerny delayed offside mistakes lead absolutely to back pot. And the second half he brutally knocked down in the penalty area despite Fabregas escaped the referee's punishment, but the rule is no doubt that penalty.
Defender - Martin (Norwich): Return captain Norwich defender position has improved overall performance than previously on the right, but the team lost five goals, he has to bear the responsibility is still great. Liverpool into the five goals in almost every sphere have Martin as a background, he and bassoon composed of the British crown gold halfback partner in a limited Premiership obvious strength. As a captain, Martin's direct return errors more directly gave Liverpool's fourth goal, which is undoubtedly the team's morale will cause a huge blow.
Defender - Otamendi (Manchester City): Most of the time the performance is quite strong, well helped elderly Demichelis and striker opponents conducted a number of physical confrontation. But as wealthy defender, you can not have a moment of distraction. Unfortunately, it is Otamendi Valencia defense in the second half when the moment is not strong enough and let God take Ecuadorian scored the second goal of his own in this field.
Defender - Pieters (Stoke City): defensive end this season, had very strong Dutch left-back in this game is to retrieve the status of Mach Juarez after blasting. His biography on the offensive end is extremely bad, basically every time aimlessly, the audience did not exactly pass once completed. The defensive end is often used by Mach Juarez extraordinary variety of positions to humiliate. Most stable part of the defense are so sluggish, the potter eventually defeat three goals.
Midfield - Fellaini (Manchester United): Old Trafford fans reacted in that Fellaini was replaced at halftime of a good summary of the performance of the Belgian giants in this field. Fellaini in playing time in the midfield and the opponent has the chance to fight several times, but he ultimately only one steal, and still a foul. The entire 45 minutes, Fellaini can not give the team to act as a fulcrum, can not pass the ball for the striker, could not contribute on the defensive end, played simply a disaster.
Midfield - Flamini (Arsenal): In the lower back position, president of adults stayed too long offensive ability points apparently almost to fall out, and the game he twice wasted the best chance of the team. His team's defensive end grain of the ball have to assume some responsibility. Aging on the ability of Flamini and 科奎林 apparently has not a small gap, Arsenal fans can probably look forward to rapid regression 科奎林 to increase the weight of the road for the team title race.
Midfield - Yaya - Toure (Manchester City): In Asia and Asia - Toure who, Premier League fans can truly appreciate the years of relentless. Roller Compacted extraordinary originally patented Toure before two or three seasons, but the game he actually suffered a student trip Kouyate rolling shame, had lost in the merciless Senegal midfielder Toure sent to Valencia After assists Toure fans can only sigh and sigh. With old Toure, Manchester City team can rely on their own power to change the team seems to have only one game Aguero up.
Forward - Remy (Chelsea): Originally Heibang locations are to show time but played poorly enough players, this position belongs to the state of the downturn Marchal, but Remy attitude heinous bench After watching the ball so I decided to cut out the original Marshall Heibang comment. Remy in the game and Costa's performance compared to simply heaven, missed a great opportunity to not say a single-pole, single-handedly after that almost faceless person, as if the Blues field a few people, without any of the game enthusiasm. Could it be that he is walking on the street who sold the house to buy a 30W Arsenal winning buddy child?
Forward - Wickham (Crystal Palace): The attack squadron faithful to him to create enough scoring chances, but he was once shot is not, nor complete wall to create opportunities for his teammates to do basic tasks. He and Crystal Palace warfare ball shortage continues. In addition to the odd bad performance in the game, the corner of Wickham WWE-style elbow almost stunned Phil Tong Heng, just lucky just to escape the referee's red card penalty.
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