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The Arsenal, the biggest regret is not earlier than the birth of a decade, once the most brilliant unbeaten season, I am afraid the landlord-year-old grandfather still house army house courtyard Wanni Ba. But they mention that part of the youth, many gun enthusiasts seniors will use words to describe - to fill the gap.

Like the Forum of that "Lin Hua Xie Chunhong, too hastily," the commentary, helpless to move to Hanyu night wind, when this is no longer possible to Arsenal warfare interpretation of vulgarity, a decade tactics trend of the change, the perfect combination of mercury spilled in attack and impregnable defense - Effect Jinyuan effect on the entire football ... Professor arsenal still be able to recover once the dynasty left a dream? See key players in recent games to play, maybe you will accept this fact: the world is not so many things can return to their original appearance, rejuvenation is just a memory of the dream.

Long before the home was reversed Swan Sea, Manchester United lost from the relegation zone last year, today is still brewing a fairy tale Leicester City five points, ranking lower than rivals ... this situation has been the gunman landlord Byrne Li fan teacher called shame, and seemed to predict Arsenal this season, the league will be to no avail, he was optimistic about the gunman had once won, apparently not many local fans predicted the Gunners would be so fast out of the most promising dispute crown Group. Throughout the season, in fact, the stability of Leicester City and next door is above the gunmen, even offensive firepower, the data point of view, three teams Arsenal is the most mediocre.

3-2 Manchester United

Game against Manchester United, objectively speaking on Arsenal's offensive efficiency lost half of the league, other teams have mastered the reasons gunmen attack mode at the same time, field the ball well after the midfielder position Ramsay could not help rapid transition to the foot of the Lueqier, more often, Ramsey are already massive pressure on the Gunners after the restricted area before trying to control the situation. Coupled with the poor state of Sanchez, Gunners midfielder can only rely on their own personal ability Ozil and Sanchez.

But as professor said after the game, in the midfield, Ozil and Sanchez lack tacit understanding, leading to Ozil on the offensive end by the defense and difficult to get rid of the shackles; and Sanchez after comeback attempt constantly sidewalk breakthrough, but also No harvest season high light performance.

Why not say that this is the reason ... Cazorla missed because it have nothing to say. Sandi has been sidelined for nearly three months, when the offensive firepower during the strong weak, 0-0 Stoke City 0-4 Southampton ... simply because they did not the most suitable candidate for this position, or even pull Musai Rimini and the partner also has been heavily criticized. Gabe looked K6 Real This combination of up to pass the ball hotspots will feel Possession is really the most useful data field.

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