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 Rome may tactics for tomorrow, Zidane said: "Rome might make a change, it may be like as first kick, they'll do an article on the attack tomorrow, the only thing we have to do is to fight to win the game. we will only kick with triumphalism. many people think that tomorrow's race will be very easy, but in fact not the case. we must not only play well, but also to win pretty. "

Zidane for J Luo expressed confidence: "J Lo is now well and no problems he is a very serious player, he training performance is very good, I need to do is to make adjustments to the lineup, there are always players. will get the opportunity to play. the most important thing is he doing all after playing, I will always require some more of J Lo, as he gifted, J Lo is currently getting better. "
Zidane said he would not sell Cristiano:.. "I will not sell Cristiano, because I was the team's coach, I really appreciate Cristiano As for those boos, I was also booed when playing through this is not because the players bad, but fans hope he can behave better. Overall, I think the fans still like Cristiano and I have been to see us sit stadium was full, which means a lot of things. like Pepe said, fans are important, they are also very aware of this. the fans always supported us when performance is bad, the fans will certainly be booed, it's just part of football, we should not overvalue it."
Zidane said they would not consider the following other games: "Our request is to win the game tomorrow, then we'll consider the other games in the league, and now I do not want this season is good or bad, my philosophy is progress day by day, it makes me full of energy every day. "
For Marcelo current recovery situation, Zidane said: "Marcelo has played well prepared, I can tell you this is the only thing I do not know whether Dunga and he had a conversation, however. Marcelo has been restored really well, the game can be played. "
Zidane has yet to draw a conclusion that the knockout, the outcome of any game is not fixed in advance is good, with his experience as a player, if the team play well, to be eliminated is possible.
For teenager Mayoral, Zidane said: "Mayoral is now B team players, we can not forget that he is a distinctive, ambitious players, despite his recent state of play and all good, but we still have to remain patient for him. I told him that he recently played very well, but to calmly deal with that. I certainly hope that all players can participate in the competition, but unfortunately is still Benzema in recovering from injury. "
Zidane represents Bell has fully recovered, do the race preparation, Bell's comeback is a major good news for Real Madrid.
For the game against Roma in the Champions League, Zidane said: "This game is important because it is our next game, as a coach, I certainly want to be able to command the game, and this feeling is I do players period is very different, it is difficult to explain this feeling. "
Zidane Speaking Vazquez and Bell said: "Every player played one should perform his duties I do not know Vazquez can not run as much and Bell, but my philosophy is always the same. , regardless of which player played the game. Lineups arrangement is not a simple thing, but this is a happy trouble. "
Finally, Zidane also expressed his praise for Totti: "Totti is now at a difficult time, but he is clear that he can do something for the team that we should enjoy the rest of his career Totti. .
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