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Liverpool coach klopp stressed that even if this summer did not sign a big name, the Red Army can become very powerful. This summer, Liverpool bought mane (30M) is the Red Army only generous. Grujic (550 million) and Carius (450 million pounds) and matip (free transfer) are Premier League newcomers. For summer signings, klopper said: "every year to this time, people will have great expectations. Everyone is looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the team with the big players. If you sign a player you don't know, then you think, 'what are we doing? What are they doing? "" "Some clubs have done a lot, but you can't prove what they're doing right now. All you have to do is get ready for the new season.

No one will think about the high and low points of our last season." "They only think about Manchester United to buy this one, Manchester City bought that person, and we bought the 'what is his name?' That's the way it is. It is important for us to create and build a team for next season and we have to prove that our team is working." Bayern, which was linked with Liverpool at the beginning of the summer, has been linked to him at the start of the European Cup. But the midfielder wants to decide his future after the European Championships. Liverpool to give up to make a prompt decision Goetze chase, in favor of the acquisition of the Southampton striker manet. At the same time, the Red Army under the command of Cyclops that he needs no change in turn the world upside down. He said: "we can discuss Liverpool 1-2 at a disadvantage, we do not have the Champions League qualification, we do not have the Europa League qualification. That probably means a player 'I want to play in the Champions League, or I want to play in the UEFA Cup, or at any rate, so I can't join Liverpool'. " "We have to build our team and the team is based in Liverpool last season.

For us, now is not the time to change the whole team, we have no reason to do so, absolutely not. If you like, you can take the UEFA Cup final in the second half of that. But we also have other outstanding performance in the game, especially in the Champions League Cup, you can say, just add some supplemental, the team really can become very powerful. They can become real challenger." "If we chase some players who are obviously not getting the chance, then it is meaningless. We need to look for players that can be obtained, and give full play to their strength. I am 100% satisfied with the players we have bought so far." "Macharius was a good goalkeeper, he is very talented, although young, but experience. Matip in the highest level of the league in a row in the 5-6 years, growing very fast, but also a free agent, so this is a great signing. Hi, his ability to doubt. He was very fit for the Champions League, but he came to Liverpool, because he wanted to come here.

" "We don't have to convince them that Liverpool is not as bad as people say. Just make a phone call, we the signings deliberate is absolutely not because they want to, the important is' we want to join a team, the team is very strong, we want to help them in the future to make a lot of honor. We believe in this team, the club and the ability of the manager. That's what we have to think about, showing that we have a strong foundation, plus some additional and players to improve, we will be able to return to the top." "We have to establish a special bond, which depends on experience, on the basis of the foundation, rather than completely destroying the foundation. We can say, is that we last season ranking League eighth, the result is not too ideal, but we can get a UEFA Cup, that's obvious. You learn from it, you make a decision, and then you try. That's what we're doing right now. I can't buy a player that makes everyone happy."

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