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A pre-season friendly match in Austria, Chelsea 3-0 victory over Wolf J Begg. The first half Mose hit the post in front of Qiangdian break traore. The second half of Ba Shu insurance to help Mose Yayi score, then Chaloba and Chico scoring. In the end, Chelsea made the first win of the season. The game is Chelsea's pre-season preparations for the second warm-up match, after Conti took office in the first show, the blue 0-2 lost to Vienna fast. First, Chelsea with the first warm-up match compared to make a total of three personnel adjustment, Einar, Oscar and Djimi Traore get first chance, Diego - Costa and William players continued to play.

The opening 12 minutes, Terry in midfield steals after the success will be stabbed the ball to William, the latter circle in suddenly started to accelerate Zhufengzhuidian of even a few people kill to the other side of the frontier closed area after fake shot completely the ball gave Moses on the right-hand side of the latter in the far corner of the right foot straight pocket shot goal, leather ball hit the post pop. In the 13th minute, the Wolfsberg play smooth team with, Clem right Ruth ball after arc the ball in the area to, matic rescue not far, follow the sun del outside instep Liao shot inches. Followed by Chelsea play fast counter, Moses on the right side of midfield again after the success of individual blasting knocks horizontally road closed area, Costa shot accidentally came to Beck, bottom line, Moses moaned a step to grab the ball down triangles in, Traore door 5 meters towards the ball shot unexpectedly higher transverse beam, Traore almost lost to half an opportunity to play Buddhism.

The first 40 minutes, Moses left the ball all the way high winds sweep leaves of even a few people after the ball Guangchuan midway, Diego Costa ball after transfer again met Wolfsberg players refraction occurs, the ball came to matic feet and waist iron Chelsea will be the ball to the right rib of William and the right curve ball passes into the penalty area, Costa of the unreal one gun, Traore in front of Qiangdian Gongmen is Koffler M saved after the rallied to his body hit the goal net. 0-1! Chelsea long attack under finally get ahead. Forty-third minutes, Chelsea made a comeback. William circle near ball went straight to the opposition box alone after the ball to the left of the Costa the continuous false action flash point of low left footed shot is Koffler M lying on the ground struggling to saved.

Then the two sides into the middle of the break. Second half side battles, Chelsea heavily to sign Belgium demon front Ba Shuya I substitute debut usher in his Blues career debut. The 55th minute Wolfsberg opened the left corner and Chelsea in the restricted area of the defensive player suddenly collective "short circuit" will ter Tina leakage clean, but whose header attack door after the rebound after wiping the proximal column deviation. 67 minutes, Chico right-sided large range of flat ball transfer found Moses left, the latter after irruptive forbidden zone in slotted the ball cleverly plug to plug the matic, matic subsequently inverted triangle pass nearly caused Wolfsberg defensive player oolong.

The 74 minutes, William road sent a scalpel like straight plug ball, Ba Shu Yayi single trip to the goalkeeper had to return after the road Moses towards the ball pushes shoots the spatial gate is the opponent back in the line, the ball block. Eighty-third minutes, Chico pick Mose out of the right corner in front of the other goalkeeper rob leaping header. 0-2! Chelsea victory. Eighty-fifth minutes, Ba Shu Yayi in an offside position goal was disallowed. In stoppage time, Chaloba at the edge of the area for the wonderful smash feint after volley into the box. 0-3! Chaloba came off the bench for the icing on the cake. Since then the two sides no contribution, and ultimately with the referee a whistle, the end of the game.

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