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A pre-season friendly in Munich at the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich 1-0 victory over Manchester city. The first half Caballero played well out in front of a series of shot Green. In the second half teenager Uzi Trafigura substitute lucky break, finally Bayern ushered in the warm-up match two winning streaks, and Guardiola in old East in front of the city's first show slightly offer bitter. The game is coach Ancelotti made their debut in the Allianz Arena, and Pep Guardiola's Manchester City debut, Guardiola season over 3 years of Bayern coaching career officially became a city, the focus today regression Allianz Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti will be the same as the audience.

First, ram, Alonso, Martinez and Franck Ribery and general full debut, the European Cup after returning to the unit of the Alabama also appeared in the line-up, Manchester City, fernandinho and Fernando partner Road, Sheikh Nacho is single arrow process before. The opening 5 minutes, Ribery restricted area before the continuous fake duck space after the ball to the left to high speed in the Bernath, after the latter process to the bottom line crosses the road and ambush in a small area of teenager Greene in opponent before and after the containment failed to hit the ball. The 15th minute, left Bayern played with the classic, Franck Ribery and Alabama in the penalty area clever hit the wall after the extraordinary came to the bottom line send inverted triangle return, but before Gelinmen follow up push shoot median Caballero monologues.

The 21st minute, Isi Nacho in Bayern in front of the bow and arrow hit a record high quality long-range, the ball quickly falling rubbed beam fly line. The 26 minutes, Ribery in midfield the ball clever leaking out to the front in Alabama, the title of the bridle to kill forbidden area front, then follow one after another teenager Greene also before in road to, Allah Barth chose cross knock, but green after the ball fell to the ground shovel shoot Caballero brave seal the bottom line. The 32nd minute, rafinha right-sided and nearly caused confusion in the Forbidden City, but "the excellent state of Caballero" Yingnayanque will confiscated the ball. Then the two sides into the middle of the break. Easy side battles the second half, Manchester City to make personnel adjustments, Yaya Toure, Chrissy and Bernie coming off the bench. Then Bayern to make adjustments, many young get the opportunity to play, play warm-up match excellent Goetze brother small Goetze continues to get the opportunity to play in. Seventieth minutes, Angelino left after deus ex bottom send flat ball, Bonimen before tuishe rubbing column fly out.

The 74 minutes, Bayern in front of the pass hit on the referee occurred refraction is teenager Uzi Trafigura section, the latter a ball burst into the penalty area frontier process facilities Lengjian, the ball once again lucky play to Clichy feet refracts into the net. 1-0! Bayern ushered in the first goal of the new season of the Allianz arena. The 80th minute, Manchester City won the front left of near free kick opportunity, Yaya Toure bow to take arrows arc ball attack door rubs a fly out of the proximal column. Eighty-fourth minutes, Serena in the area round goalkeeper endo hit the door was in front of the siege Uzi amsterdam. Eighty-ninth minutes before the forbidden area long-range haql almost break. Then the two sides no longer done, Ancelotti ushered in the Allianz debut victory.

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