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A national championship in Ohio stadium in the United States strong dialogue by Real Madrid against Paris Saint germain. The first half of 1, Yikenei staged 5 break play, Moniyemei opened two degrees, Marcello scored a penalty. The second half, real change invariably young substitute. Finally, Real Madrid 1-3 against Paris Saint germain. After the first round of the European Cup in Paris with Ollier in the game may open two degrees and Kool Zava world wave 3-1 victory over the Inter. Experienced a summer of offseason, Paris lineup ushered in the young, although lost Zlatan Ibrahimovic but Ben ARFA et al added to enrich the squad and team coach also from Blanco change into the former Sevilla coach Aimeili.

And Real Madrid, the summer signings efforts compared to the previous multiple Hugh offseason convergence many, in the buy back to the success of the Spain striker Nova morata, team attack deep lineup, the team also and Pogba rumored. Starting side, Real Madrid side of the European Cup winners of the Portuguese national C Pepe is still on vacation, Baer did not get into the starting. Paris's first and there are also several adjustments, Pastoret usher in the first episode, Ben ARFA to sit on the bench. Di Maria faced the old lord. Opening just two minutes, left in the echo of staged drama of customs clearance, after the ball, practiced 5 after the last trip to Marcelo low injects the net, 0-1! 1 minutes later, Isko outside the area out of the neutral to long-range kick out slightly. Eighth minutes, Silva - Tiago break the opportunity to eat a yellow card. 1 minutes later, morata left the ball break, broke into the restricted area after the lob hit the side of the internet. Tenth minutes, Maniyah replaced in just after the collision with the he appeared in the injury of Silva - Tiago.

Thirteenth minutes ago, Hollier blocked morata booked. Seventeenth minutes, Kovacic restricted line arc ball hit the door was flying Trapp threw the post back to arms. Twenty-third minutes, Casey Milo outside the long-range perspective of being too Trapp in my arms. After 1 minutes, Lucas right pass, Cavani sideways volley failed to hit the target. Twenty-eighth minutes, Meunier right into the restricted area after the right low biography, keep up with the shovel out slightly cavani. 2 minutes later, Kul Za Wa side trip Vasquez to eat a yellow card. Thirty-fourth minutes, Kovacic in the restricted area of the destruction of small Lucas in the restricted area of the shot. Then Maniyah Kovacic off the ball after a slight adjustment, long-range network, 0-2! The 39th minute, Meunier penetrates the forbidden area right low biography to Cavani is Casilla block, Moniyede ball shot Buddhism succeeded, 0-3. Forty-first minutes, Isko area at the top of the arc shot refraction pop-up line.

2 minutes later, the area came in easco in the hands of Hollier, was a penalty. Marcello surgeon kick hit. Half of Harding Park, Real Madrid 1-3 lags behind into the intermission. Easy side battles the second half. A wide range of real change. The 52nd minute, Mary in the circle arc of the long ball found saved penetrates the forbidden area the Cavani which pad shoots was attack of yanez. Fifty-fourth minutes, Asensio outside the export neutral long-range after out slightly. 2 minutes later, Theo in the restricted area on the right side of the back arc ball pocket shot by Trapp with one hand out. Seventy-eighth minutes, Stan at defensive foul booked. Eighty-ninth minutes, Diaz outside the top try long-range kick. Finally, Real Madrid 1-3 against Paris Saint germain.

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