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Manchester United boss Sir Mourinho said many of the competitors are not afraid to say they can win the league title, and he believes his team is a strong contender for the championship. - the league's competitors I think we are the winner of this competition. We all know that there are about three or more clubs that have the same ambitions, and we will not say the same thing to them. We want to fight for the title at the end of the season, if the winner is not us, it's certainly because someone is better than us. This is football. At Manchester United, we have no other idea. We have to fight for the title.

Some people will hold the same idea with us, but they dare not say it. They tend to use more conservative language, they will try to try to conservative, but this is not our way. I don't think it's a Manchester United style. As a club like Manchester United, we have to say that we want to win the title. We have great respect for all the other competitors, maybe we can't always win. Maybe we can only rank fourth in the end of the season. It depends on the season. But at the moment, I want to tell you, I will tell my players, I will not be a two faced. -- in the past three seasons, under the rule of Louis van Gaal and Moyes's stewardship of the Manchester United did not get very good results, even the fans for over the past three years, the achievement felt some disappointment, now Mourinho at the helm of the Manchester United fans have what different, he and what commitment to the fans My attitude, this is positive. We didn't come here to play, not to enjoy the sunny weather. We are here to work, to give all our strength for the club.

This is my attitude, but also our commitment. In addition to football or football, you can't guarantee anything. You can promise what you want, you can do anything to achieve their goals, but every Manchester United fans around the world can get assurance, Manchester United every person in the training field very hard training. - Mourinho also talked about the loan spells away from the GA Nur Zahi. Last season GA Nur Zahi once on loan to join the Dortmund, and today, he officially announced on loan to join Sunderland and Mourinho admits he at Manchester United still have a future Januzaj is very consistent with my plan, which is why he is on loan to leave. If not, we don't care where he was going, we may will send him to Borussia, he in the game did not play.

So, of course, we are very concerned about him, he is very talented, but in the same position, we have Memphis and Marshall, so everything is very difficult. We can not be too selfish, we give him a good environment to allow him to play his talent, in this way, every week we can see him play in this country. -- the FA announced Pogba will miss United's opener against Bournemouth match, Mourinho said he is two days ago just know he will miss the game I knew him a yellow card, but I do not know at that time accumulated yellow cards will calculate to this time to ban, two days ago, I only learned of the situation. I now temporarily not consider his problem, I don't think those who missed because of injury, or forced to ban players, I decided to Pogba days time to forget, and on Tuesday, he will come back to prepare for the game.

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