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Munich Bayern coach Ancelotti before the German "Star" magazine interview, interview, Ann handsome revealed, he joined the Bayern before also received the invitation of Chelsea. The "Star" magazine reported that, as early as last December, Chelsea Drogba and Shevchenko boss Abu had arranged the two former Chelsea player Ancelotti contact, Ancelotti returned to Stamford Bridge at the invitation. For such a message, in an interview, Ancelotti indirectly confirmed: "I will not say here that the names of the players and I contact, but it is true that this is true. But I have already given Rummenigge my promise, I will go to Bayern, and I will keep my promise." For once experienced a few wealthy capricious boss, Ancelotti said: "Abu in Chelsea or Peres in Madrid, you are invited to teach because you have such a quiet coach, but after that, I was told: you must be a little more rigorous, more sticks instead of radish, but I the answer is: No, I won't do that, otherwise you will find someone else.

" For the boss the most difficult to deal with the problem, Ancelotti said with a smile: "I respect all the bosses, they all attach great importance to me, but in the end, if I dissatisfied, dismiss me is their right, of course I will tell my team concept, you can criticize my decision, but I more than anyone to feel the players understand, I am sure that the team did not prepare people will care more about the players than me, compared to Peres, Abu and Berlusconi and the rich but never the player who maintain a good relationship, I prefer to keep a good relationship with the players on the pitch." Compared with the previous wayward bosses, now in Bayern, manager Rummenigge and Hoene are used to dominate the football top players, called the boss has a stream, for this new experience, Ancelotti said: "indeed, this is a new experience, although Berlusconi often said that he is a football player. But Rummenigge, a lot of things I didn't have to explain, we can understand each other, we can know from personal experience, you need more attention in football is a long-term plan, rather than a result.

" A German study, Ancelotti said: "German is a language most difficult grammar, because it is too difficult to learn, but at my age, will be more difficult, English is easy for me, my wife is a Canadian, she has a gift for language, English, French, Italian and Spanish she will, her parents were Spanish, now she and I are in Munich to learn German, this is also helpful to me." For the team players and how to communicate, Ancelotti said: "I use German training in interpretation, other times in English, because the team is not all German, English is the universal language, and Ribery and Vidal rafinha, you can speak Italy." The feeling in Bayern, Ancelotti said: "Bayern is like a family, this is I came here a few days clearly feel, from the club head to the players and staff, everyone is familiar with each other, so, not to say, I want to change clothes and our CEO Rummenigge dinner..."

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