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According to the "Aspen" reported today, Real Madrid coach Zidane attended the club's Champions League group phase before the press conference. What is the status of the team? "The Champions League is about to start again, everybody is very happy. We all know the importance of the game, and I think my players are ready. This is very good news, because basically the team all the players are ready, in addition to Fabio Coentrao, other people are ready, this is a very good thing." FIFA's punishment, is it because your son can not play and feel troubled? "Yes, because at the moment we don't know what the specific reason is. This is a difficult situation, the current matter has not been clear. I have to communicate with them, and now it is the right to wait."

Real Madrid is the favorite? "No, there are a lot of teams that are likely to win the championship, but in the end you have to go to the game and go to the game. The good side is that we are ready to play now, tomorrow we will have a difficult game. They also play very well and know how to play. We had to play a good game as usual." And C Luo agreed to play time (a reporter's question, said before C Luo admitted that Zidane had agreed to play with the time) "I don't know, I can tell you that he is ready to play. He wants to play football and how long he can play. We have to look at it again. The team certainly wants him to play for 90 minutes. But have to look at the situation, because in a game is a lot of things will happen.

I have been thinking about the 60 days of his injury, which is a very long time for a player, and the Champions League is a very competitive event. He's ready, after that we have to do it again. C and I are talking about other things, not playing time, because if you go to ask C Luo, he will answer you he wanted to play 90 minutes." Worry about choosing a player "This is my responsibility. They all want to play. So we will often discuss this rotation problem, they each have their own ideas, I believe that their professional attitude. If the twenty-fourth players in the squad can stand here, it's because he has the strength. He has the same rights as the other players who are often able to get on the pitch. But I still have to choose 11 players in the game, then it can only change for 3 people, this is not the thing to change. And the players know the truth. Now everyone is trying to do is to help the team win the honor, this is what we will continue to try." The pressure from the twelfth Champions League trophy "You know the responsibility of the club, right. Not only me, but everyone in the club knows the team's goal, and that is to do our best to win the game. We're going to have a hit on all the champions. The Champions League, of course, is one of them, so the goal is not easy. On the contrary, the Champions League is the most difficult tournament, each opponent is very difficult to deal with, and tomorrow's game is also the case." It was a special game for C. "I'm sure it will be very special for him because it was his previous team and he was playing out of Portugal. But at the same time C Luo is also a very professional player, in the presence of he is sure to go all out.

" The Champions League or La Liga "For me, every day of training is enough to inspire me to move on. The game is only the final stage. In order to win, you need to be prepared every day, and the players are the same. Every game is a battle, these two events are very important." No team has won the Champions League for two consecutive years. "When we win the honor, the fans will want more, and they will have a higher request for us. My plan is to train every day and get ready for it... I know that I am in charge of a great club, it is clear that they have a strong team in the hands of. As long as we continue to work hard, we will increase the possibility of completing the team goal."

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