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1-1 draw away after PSG, Wenger in the post match press conference said basically satisfied with the result. What do you think of the draw? I think PSG is in a good state today, they started a lot better than we did. Their rhythm is very fast, I think the first half we showed the struggle is the reason for the PSG's oppression is doing very well, we often lose the ball in the fight back. If we can keep the ball better, our attack is still a threat, and we have created a chance. The first half midfielder and Sanchez divorced, our front half forward, performance has improved, the final draw results can be accepted. Arsenal's Champions League experience is more than PSG, which is a big advantage, right? In the face of such a strong team, the start is not good, then you have to dare to take the risk of. If the team is too young, it will be the opponent to seize the opportunity. I don't think Arsenal have been in a panic when I lost the ball and have made a good deal, and that is the experience of the Champions League.

At the time of the break I told the players that as long as they continue to work hard to get back, we can score as long as we keep the ball. In a word, I think it's a good result to get one point. Cavani good? To tell the truth, I think he did well tonight, and he brought us a lot of pressure. How do you Giroux's red card? At that time the ball was not in the first half of the conflict, I did not see the specific process. I think the first yellow card to Jane was a bit too harsh, it wasn't a foul. Second yellow cards, Jane said he didn't do anything, and he was an honest man, I believe him.

Vilati told me that he didn't do anything wrong, so I told him, "you go and the referee said, tell the referee you are innocent."" Ospina state so good? Yes, the decisive moment was in the first half when he used a beautiful header to defuse a crisis that could have caused the penalty. We have two world - class keepers, with so many games in the season, we can give the goalkeeper enough. But if your game is not enough, it is difficult to retain two world-class goalkeeper, because one of them will not get the opportunity to play. The next round with the Hull game, Ospina put in really good on the bench? We have our own rules, the goalkeeper is also clear, the club is very important rules, I told them the beginning of the season, and they are willing to comply with the rules. So Ospina is the Champions League special goalkeeper? I will not answer such a question, because we can make a change at any time, Ospina will continue to work hard in the Champions League to keep their position.

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