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Although Barcelona won the two sides in nearly 6 times in the 5 battle, but the only defeat will be the red and blue army out of the Champions League last season. The two teams battle again this season, the same attack and allelopathy play so that the game is destined to become a passion collision mars hit the earth. First, Peake and Mascherano. The combination of satellite, Busquets regression, MSN will continue to stage together; Ma Jing, Glenn Seidman led the appearance, gamero single arrow up front, Kirk and the ratio of midfield. Thirteenth minutes, Messi suddenly left foot to hastening with mouth gags heavy shelling door Road, Oblak is on the line on the ground will catch the ball.

Fifteenth minutes, Callas in the restricted area on the left side of the ball will not hesitate to do a kicker shot, the ball flying teershite future. Thirty-first minutes, Callas in the middle of lateral the ball on the way suddenly cold shot kicked the ball, full force, just slightly out of the goal. Thirty-third minutes, Iniesta in the restricted area of the pick of suspected hit rebound upon Saul in Gaby's arm, but the referee did not have any say. Thirty-fifth minutes, Rakiti restricted area before the sliding tackle Fanqiang after successful direct transfer to find Neymar, and then Neymar and Rakiti try to infiltrate in after a failed suddenly kicker pocket shot into the bottom right corner, the ball slightly to the remote column. Forty-first minutes, Barcelona out in front of the left corner, Iniesta sent slash pass, Rakiti in a small road closed leaping high shakes Leipzig ball quickly jumped into the bottom right corner, 1-0! Basa took the lead in the lead. Then the first half ended, the two teams into the middle of the break.

Easy side battles the second half, Atletico team quickly launched a wave of attacks, Gregory swiftly like Saltzman road continuous dribbling breakthrough, and recoiled in Barcelona defense case in front of the box and suddenly kicker shot, teershite stretch on the ground will catch the ball. Forty-eighth minutes, right flank Luo game with the speed advantages of success after overtaking Mascherano cross struck the ball in front of area, Glenn Seidman ball nushe unfortunately put the anti-aircraft gun. Forty-ninth minutes, Suarez right away a wide range of ball movement, the ball accurately into the forbidden area left side, Neymar was on hand to grab the first body to Aubrac poke the ball towards the goal, but the ball was the barrier damage. Fifty-eighth minutes before, and Godin scraping muscle strain situation of Messi fell to the ground can not adhere to the game, then he was replaced by tulane.

Sixtieth minutes, Ma Jing sent a quick free kick in the circle on the left, Gaby road sent Zhise, Torres point before a leak give the ball behind Correa, the ball to the closed road of development, and the Mascherano critical moment guarding here suddenly slipped, Correa faced the city open Barcelona goal calm tuishe bottom left the ball bounced off the inside of the net, 1-1! Correa debut only first foot ball 1 minutes spoils. Sixty-fourth minutes, Neymar in the middle angle really fake shot flashed again after bajiaonushe, the ball hit a stunning leaf arc straight up to the corner of the net, Oblak saved the ball flying off. Seventy-second minutes, Savage with the knee from behind the top down Suarez, the latter fell to the ground, but the referee did not have to say.

Seventy-eighth minutes, Neymar broke into the restricted area on the left side in the case of small angle shot burst force, Oblak sealed angle near future ball. Eighty-second minutes, Neymar left rib free kick into the penalty area, Peake into the army from leaping high shakes Leipzig ball struck the remote column flying out of the bottom line, Barcelona narrowly ahead again. Eighty-seventh minutes, Kirk right away oblique 45 degree angle pass, Godin climbed high into the restricted area of the shakes Leipzig, teershite pushed the ball flying out of the bottom line. Then the two sides were unable to rewrite the score, the end of the final referee whistle this popular game, two teams each scored 1 points.

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