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After the road to RB Leipzig, the Hornets opened a "bloody" violent mode, at the same time to take 3 consecutive break into 17 ball lost only 1 Ball points to third in the league, Castro Guerrero, and Plymouth Vujacic et al feet hot, and the state to pick up the gotze home court is also expected to usher in the first show in Freiburg; after the League 2 wins 2 flat ninth behind in the standings, but promoted poor away record, suffered 2 defeats. First, Goetze finally ushered in the return after the home court dott debut, Batelayin injured, kintell replace his position, Moore and Dembele two new signings also go into battle; Freiburg, subs Jiangong Jiujiang Pedersen Bayern ushered in the first opportunity.

After only fourth minutes, Haufler in the circle near the ground will be beyond all expectations scorpion before the end of the front end of the ball field, take the ball fast attack has killed all the way to the restricted area on the right, but then he tried to adjust the ball to right foot along the foot of the door and the delay in the aircraft, in the back of sokora being forced not to marked strength. Eleventh minutes, turn left after the spike extraordinary dengbeilai xiadichuanzhong on the left, the ball with a strong arc of rotation to the goal, but in the end, the sliding door and. Eighteenth minutes, kintell qiuhou unexpectedly suddenly starting backcourt kill all the way past the circle after send accurate long-distance zhisai, Aubameyang got the ball into the box after the sudden attack Shiwolao choose light into the face, the ball crossed the former defensive but wiped fly out on the left column bottom line.

Twenty-third minutes, Moore in the middle transverse trip after the ball kicker shot, the ball hit change line in the middle of the rapid fall in Bulut, eventually crashed in the crossbar. Then the left corner Dortmund caused Freiburg backcourt chaos, the ball came to the area on the left side of the line at the foot of Piszczek in the battle, the cold shot change line play in Gould, on the other side of the center of gravity to lose Shiwolao has surrendered, but the ball to wipe his left side post regret fly line.

Thirty-fifth minutes, Freiburg backcourt ball was Bigfoot Sokol Dis header in the penalty area to get the ball, but Moore slightly up big break, then Grifo on the left flank launched Pedersen pass, stopping in the restricted area turned and hit the door at one go, Bilgi will not neglect the ball under pressure in the body. Forty-fourth minutes, Dortmund on the left instigated offensive direct Schmelzer find transposition to the left side of the road for the latter to take advantage of the ball into the box on the left, after the ball starts with Dembele and sent to the bottom line of the nanny pass, Aubameyang road easy chanshe break.

1-0! Dortmund ahead. Then the first half ended, the two teams into the middle of the break. Easy side battles the second half, forty-seventh minutes, dengbeilai find the ambush in the forbidden area road line gertze left in the raid, the latter is not adjusted to the front push Aubameyang, Seyin in critical moment put shovel broken ball. Fifty-second minutes, Piszczek ball from the back pressure has been to Freiburg before the door 30 meters outside the instep suddenly sent clever Zhise, Castro offside in the restricted area on the right near the bottom line selection cross knock Road, Seyin in the ball barely damaged, but the skin Shenqiekemen before it, the ball shot blasting. 2-0! Dortmund continue to expand the lead.

Sixtieth minutes, Shiwolao back foot ball in the frontcourt offensive, Harbel received a teammate in the midfield near the header ferry chest to unload the ball to take advantage of the ball end to the restricted Youlei, select the kintell tackle damage mistakes failed to hit the ball, hit from behind Ben and Philip went into the restricted area after the right foot pushes easily at the far corner succeeded. 2-1! Freiburg seize the Dortmund pulled one mistake. Sixty-first minutes, the second half substitute niedermaier in the box headed back to the top mistakes, the ball into the corner of the net to Shiwolao flying saved the ball on the right side of the ambush, Aubameyang was on hand to small angle shot hit the post. Seventy-second minutes, Root in the back light turned on Schmelzer's defense after the kicker shot, Bill throws the ball before the gated ground.

Seventy-fifth minutes, Aubameyang restricted the line before receiving the Plymouth cross after a Vujacic made a "Bergkamp" who turned the ball had coquettish, but continues to fall Shiwolao after losing a point will eventually hit the door, the ball lost in the side of the net into a perfect ball machine. Eighty-seventh minutes, Puglisi Chi breaks into the box bottom line sent right near the cross, niedermaier before Aubameyang push Kongmen before the destruction of the ball out of the bottom line. In stoppage time, Dortmund played fantastic 3 with Aubameyang, Castro found the coquettish heel pass, then the ball to the foot of the Portuguese Guerrero, then the star easy volley. 3-1! The end of the final referee whistle of the game, home court victory Freiburg dortmund.

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