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The new season so far, the horse race 3 wins and 2 draws only the League seventh, has experienced the beginning of the season after the downturn in the race to recover the horse race gradually state, has recently achieved two wins and a flat record. The face of serious bleeding in La Coruna, 3 points should be shizaibide. La Coruna, the influence of Peres's home is to bring all aspects, from the relegation zone Zhichizhiyao and nearly 3 victorious. Start of the game. Fifth minutes, balonga road stop shot but missed the goal. Tenth minutes, Ma Jing the opportunity to get a corner, the corner, Godin after a header over the bar. Eighteenth minutes, Ma Jing Augusto fell to the ground and opponent scraping, sprained knee can not adhere to, directly was stretchered off, Atletico are forced to make substitutions, Gaby substitute.

Twenty-second minutes, Kirk road Zhise, Gregory Saltzman was single, the goalkeeper blocked, Gregory Saltzman left foot shot hit the goal but the distal end of the door to play, the right column fly out! Sorry to miss a good chance. Twenty-fourth minutes, Felipe ball into the box, Callas had the ball volley was goalkeeper. Although the Atletico offensive is very fierce, but often with the poor in the area, La Coruna is frequently blocked, several passes are blocked by a defender and goalkeeper. Thirty-fifth minutes, Ma Jing suffered another hit, Jimenez was unable to adhere to, Atletico again makes a change.

Young Lucas Hernandez came off the bench. Thirty-seventh minutes, Felipe biography, Gregory Saltzman after plug beat defender header, but unfortunately missed the goal post. Forty-fourth minutes, Lucas and Amdo in air crash, the former fell but the referee did not have said. Forty-sixth minutes, the method is hot to eat second yellow cards, two yellow change a red leave. Then the referee blew the whistle on the second half of the match, Atletico home court temporarily with visiting La Coruna at 0-0. Easy side battles the second half.

Forty-seventh minutes, Callas shot was goalkeeper, Gregory Saltzman in front of the volley was blocked but offside. Fifty-third minutes, Callas, transverse pull suddenly after the bow and arrow hit the crossbar by goalkeeper her long-range single palm out! Fifty-seventh minutes, a volley was blocked up, Gaitan Qiangdian blocked up! Fifty-eighth minutes, Felipe left foot low shot straight to take the far corner of the goalkeeper but unfortunately wipe the goal column fly out of the bottom line. Ma Jing missed the boat. Fifty-ninth minutes, Ma Jing makes a change, Gameiro came on for Callas. Sixty-seventh minutes, Gaby pick, Juan Fran came in front of the bottom line, but Juan Gregory Saltzman Qiangdian break Fran has offside.

Sixty-ninth minutes, Juan Fran came to the rib plug to the bottom line of Gameiro, the latter cross knock road in front of the door, Gregory Saltzman is easily push Kongmen succeeded, 1-0! Ma Jing broke the deadlock on the ground. As many wounded and a face to the enemies of Bayern, then gradually slowed Atletico offensive. Eighty-second minutes, Felipe cross from the left, Godin in the restricted area of the unmarked volley lob. Unfortunately, Felipe has offside. Eighty-fourth minutes, Babel kick down Lucas to eat a yellow card. Ninetieth minutes, Atletico area chaos, chaos was a ball near Tiberias on the spot shooting too is in support of Godin after the body pops up, sorry miss. Finally, Atletico home court 1-0 victory over 10 people in La Coruna.

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