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Yayatoure Jorge Seruk in "the sun" third shelling Manchester City boss Guardiola, he hopes to persuade Guardiola to Manchester Senior condemned the Ivorian's treatment. Yayatoure at Manchester City weekly earnings reached 220 thousand pounds, but he has been out of the first team coach Guardiola, Manchester City, unless an apology to the players and coaches on the public for his remarks. The Russians in the last fire that Guardiola's personality is rubbish, he hopes the City boss Mansoor chief and President Mubarak to stand up to speak toure. Seruk said: "they (Mansoor and Mubarak) must tell Guardiola" yayatoure is a member of the US', is wrong to give up such a top player.

But it was his decision, Guardiola is a good coach, but his personality is a piece of shit. If Toure are out, people will ask "what is the meaning of Guardiola such a decision?" "It is not possible for a person to make such a decision under normal circumstances.". This is England, not North Korea or Afghanistan. People can talk about what they think is right, and have their own opinion." Yayatoure father Murray also wants Guardiola to give his son a chance, he said: "I ask Guardiola to forgive my son, let him do his work again." Seruk also said Toure would have been at Manchester City until the contract expires. Toure Manchester City don't want to join his Premier League rivals, but Toure and his agent in January next year signed contracts with other teams.

Seruk said: "there is a Toure until June next year the contract, he will leave. If Manchester City want him to leave, they have to talk to me and get our approval." Manchester City will usher in with Celtic in the Champions League in the group phase next Wednesday evening, this is a "civil war", but Rodgers's team will not see yayatoure figure, because he has been out of the Champions League squad manchester. Seruk said the city will regret their decision, because Toure served as the defender in the Champions League final in 2009, helped Guardiola Barcelona beat Manchester United in the Champions League summit, the second half of the season, Guardiola will need to have a Champions League and Premier League player experience.

Seluk added: "we should not forget the Toure in effect Barcelona years, he guest defender in the Champions League final to help Barcelona beat Manchester United to win the Champions league. Yes, Guardiola has won all the games this season, so people have only seen his wonderful football, but his personality is far from great. I can repeat a lot from Barcelona and Bayern on his evaluation, a lot of people don't like him. A lot of people don't understand how he treated his players." Seluk served in the Guardiola will be out of the Champions League squad after Toure said it was on Toure's insult, and said that if the city missed this season's Champions League champion Guardiola should apologize to toure.

In Kompani to injury, may need to Manchester Toure, the leader of the people of Ivory Coast for the blue moon is still very important. Apparently on now and Guardiola had some private grudge, the Russians said: "this is very strange, all supporters tend to Guardiola, but my opinion is that people can't neglect the great contribution to yayatoure Manchester City, he and the team won two league titles and the champions cup several times. Let's see what Guardiola can do, Yaya joined Manchester City spent only 20 million pounds at the club, after the arrival of Guardiola in the three or four new signings spent a great price, he promised he would spend 1 billion pounds to buy players. "After that he will also say the Premier League is too difficult, 1 billion pounds is not enough. If he coach Sibrand, will he win the championship? Ranieri, Kerman and Pochettino have proved that their ability to spend money to do, give them 500 million pounds is enough." The relationship between seluk and Guardiola deterioration was not in Manchester in early years, Toure at Barcelona played, two people have accumulated a huge contradiction, Toure was eventually sold by Guardiola to Manchester city.

While Toure agent in Manchester City is not fuel-efficient lights, three years ago, he made a "cake door" event in Toure's birthday, accused Manchester does not respect the players, he was told "the sun": "the cake is not the point, the focus is lack of care for Manchester City players." Guardiola last week to broker Toure and tough attitude deteriorated again the relationship between the two, but Seruk said he would not apologize to Guardiola, this also means that the city was abandoned toure. Without the Ivorian Manchester City in the record does not appear on the landslide, de Blau Hei's excellent play helped Manchester City this season unbeaten. But no matter how the final encounter he left Toure, two Premier League titles, two League Cups and one FA Cup trophy to Manchester city. Seruk said: "I don't know if he's going to be a legend, but he's training very well and he's ready, Guardiola has to decide whether to use it or not."

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