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In the current round of the Premier League game just ended, Liverpool home court swept 5-1 promoted Hull City, has made three league wins, nearly two home court game is mad and into the 9 ball, creating the best start in the Premier League era home court. Klopp coached the Red Army the first anniversary of the Liverpool terror attack ability has emerged, 8 official Games in the season, Liverpool has scored 24 goals, only second league round against Burnley was zero closure, look Liverpool hundred years of record in team history, only the 1895/96 season earlier start better than now in 1895, Liverpool scored 34 goals in the first 8 games in the league, but when the Red Army in the second division, Chinese is still in the Qing Dynasty during the reign, so reference significance is not great.

But another data may allow you to feel more intuitive, bring to the team, since the October 2015 takeover of the Red Army, Cyclops under the rule of Liverpool in the Premier League has scored 71 goals, than any other Premier League team to. Since 2016, Liverpool's Premier League goals most of the team, the Brazilian Firmino is undoubtedly Liverpool hero, since the new year so far, Phil Mino has scored 12 league goals, is within the team's top scorer, with Coutinho's Liverpool fans see mesmerizing. Heavy, Dior mane joined the team become the number one killer, the new season, as the outstanding representative of "Southampton Gang", Manet and Lalanaben season Zhulianbihe, after 6 League have surrendered 3 goals and 3 assists in the perfect answer.

Liverpool had a weak case is not strong, rich state repeatedly criticized, it has also become a stumbling block on the road four, title and even for the 08/09 season, the Red Army into a circle strong soldiers and sturdy horses in the winter accident, if the home court with Fulham, West Ham team draw is the attack suddenly short words, so at the beginning of January three draws against Storck City Everton and Wigan Athletic, has let Liverpool lost the chance of leading rivals Manchester United at Old Trafford, although Liverpool won 4-1 swept up, but the debt ridden red or missed the first Premier League champions.

The 13/14 League sprint stage, after the home court 0-2 not enemy Chelsea, Liverpool still has a great chance to win the Premier League title, in the Hearst stadium 3-0 the leading case by Crystal Palace, scoring 3 goals after Suarez Yanmianerqi picture is still vivid. Liverpool's top priority is how to avoid a repeat of similar stories. The second round of the season, in the absence of protective case, Liverpool 0-2 away defeat to Burnley, the Premier League for the first time lost to wine red army, but Klopp did not change the previous strategy, but will be pressing in the end, the fact that Klopp's tactical indeed received the results, in the face of hull, Burton and the Liverpool Derby once the "fear" of the opponent, Liverpool did not give any chance to the opponent, three games scored 13 goals and conceding only 1 goals, not only let a person shine at the moment, it is injected a booster to the fans.

Today, Liverpool may no longer be Erwin, Gerrard, Torres and Suarez rely on their own time to turn the tide in both, the building will pour help the team this season, the Liverpool market more flowering, although still occasionally works in midfield, but sometimes short back, xiabuyanyu, Cyclops is successful for the transformation of Liverpool's attack. Three in a row after the Red Army has been quietly approaching the top, even if the lineup depth than Manchester clubs, players not as well known as the Gunners blues, but they have one of the most aggressive coach and a group of the most loyal fans. The Germans had with Liverpool club signed a long-term contract, even though the season failed to gain the league, believe in Klopp under the Premiership crown crown is no longer far away.

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