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Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium and the Swiss team Barcelona 2016-17 Champions League group A a group phase game, Arsenal boss Wenger held a news conference before today, the following is the content of the conference: With his brother about Zach against, whether this will help to arsenal... Of course it is helpful, they will help me to better understand the opponent, after all, Zach against it is like a Zacca, family work. I think both sides should have some of the two sides do not understand things, but we really understand Basel, because last season we only bought them from neni - El Mohamed. About Basel... Basel is a Swiss Football Team ruled for many years, they and the England team is also very good, they beat Manchester United and Chelsea, and draw with Liverpool.

Basel's Champions League results are quite good. Basel is a long time to play the Champions League team, they are not the Champions League recruits, they are very familiar with the Champions League, very understanding. I don't want them to have any fear of what they are not afraid of. On the contrary, they do not worry about what can be lost, Basel is always very dangerous. About Champions League group stage goals... Our goal is to win the group phase group leaders, but now we should focus on the next game. Our last weekend's performance is very good, now let's see if we can make persistent efforts in giving a good game, so we have to play well every game, this is the situation. In recent years we can qualify from the group stage, last year we had a difficult group stage, but it is also our own to become more difficult.

We know that in the group phase in line is not only important, if possible, to top the group qualify, so in the greater possibility of qualifying elimination. About before the game with Chelsea... Won the game with Chelsea to make us more determined. We played the football we wanted, and the goal gave us more confidence in this important game. The most fun for me is that our players are very physical. Whatever the outcome of the game, what we hope is that we can play together, which is a sign of maturity. Our game is about style and perseverance, we combine both of them together. It is very good. Every time there is a new challenge, I think we should be humble to accept the results, and then you can have more other performances.

The next game with Basel will be a very different game, but we hope to find the key again, once again to win the game. About players' third party ownership... Third party ownership of this kind of thing should not be allowed, I have been opposed to such a policy for a long time a long time ago. The club should have 100% of the players. About Wenger's ability to write a book about transfer... Specifically, I can write a book, because I worked on the 300 signing, each move is a story. Even when you're talking about a contract, that's a story.

On the transfer of a number of "dark""... You always want to know the transfer operation of the insider, I can only say about our transfer, are legitimate, fans can sleep comfortably, we will not encounter what punishment. That's all I can say about the other teams. I'm not involved. I only care about the transfer of our team. On the completion of the transfer of the public to know... I am coaching the team and I will make sure every decision is good for my team, so I don't think we have too much to say about the transfer. We hope that all people can work hard for the club.

About more and more people come to the football world to make money... I think the transfer is well controlled, the transfer has been through the procedures, all things are very clear. The money paid to the broker will be paid, and we know what we are going to do. I don't know what to do with money. The number in the bank account is what we can control. What I can say is that England has made a lot of efforts to make the transfer clear and England, and now you are all aware of the transfer, and I think this is right. On the external control of England... This is not a good place for each individual economy, you will have a lot of world enterprises to compete. But when the transfer happens locally, you can control how much money flows out of England in this regard.

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