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Bayern last season in the Champions League semi-final encounter with Madrid, but eventually due to the away goal was slightly out of the. It will be a battle of vengeance for Bayern. At present, the Bayern team in addition to Costa and other players to keep healthy bud Stewart. The horse race, although still maintained a team of excellent and sharp, but in the league, Augusto and Jimenez are injured due to injury will bring a lot of hidden dangers. Start of the game. Fourth minutes, Ma Jing won the frontcourt place kick, kick a hanging in the box, Godin ferry heading to the road but referee whistle offside.

Eleventh minutes, Boateng cross struck Martinez, the latter is stopping mistakes around Torres smart off! Martinez immediately put the shovel and Torres together, the rescue was a football. Thirteenth minutes, Rahm had the top pick to find Muller, the latter volley hook shot straight from the near corner, Oblak throws the ball on the ground. Eighteenth minutes, Callas inside the area on foot shooting defensive player directly blocked Neuer. Twenty-second minutes, Torres found the box in the area, the latter turned round headed hit the door directly on the goal post! Then is sent directly to the body of Neuer bushe.

Thirty-fourth minutes, Kirk straight to find Torres, the latter with a small angle left angrily shot in the edge of the internet. Thirty-fifth minutes, Atletico qianchangduanqiu, Gregory Zhise, Callas Saltzman turned to find the line of area, the left foot was at Lengjian straight from the bottom right corner hit the post ejection goal, 1-0! Ma Jing broke the deadlock on the ground. Thirty-ninth minutes, Lavon back to stop cutting Ribery, the latter at the lower left corner of the door to play straight but played in goal outside of the post up the bottom line! Sorry to miss the opportunity to tie. Followed by the first half of the game over, the horse race at home temporarily 1-0 leading Bayern. Easy side battles the second half.

Forty-ninth minutes, Bayern on the left corner, after opening up to find the unmarked Muller, while the header hit the side net. Fifty-sixth minutes, Alabbar restricted the Ribery pass after a slight adjustment inscribed turn left foot volley, the ball was Aubrac saved. Fifty-ninth minutes, Bayern took the lead to make substitutions adjustment, Robben came on for Muller. Sixty-first minutes, Saul outside her long-range wide. Sixty-second minutes, Hummel J was replaced by an alternate small boateng. Sixty-sixth minutes, Bayern run out early third substitutions, Kimich came on for Tiago. Sixty-seventh minutes, Callas Road, the ball right scimitar shot saved by Neuer. Seventy-first minutes, Gameiro came on as a substitute for goalscorer Callas. Seventy-fourth minutes, Torres pass the bottom line to the point after, Gregory line plug the front door Saltzman header crossbar. Seventy-sixth minutes, Ribery cut after a slight adjustment directly hit the door hit the defensive players who flew out of the bottom line.

Seventy-seventh minutes, Alonso suspended into the restricted area, to find the restricted area of Lavon, the latter high jump start the ball to attack the door straight to play a bad game, but unfortunately, the best chance to lose the second half. Seventy-ninth minutes, Torres was replaced, Gaitan substitute debut. Eighty-first minutes, Ribery and Robben restricted area, the latter turned low shot straight to the bottom right corner of the goal, but a little bit out of the. Eighty-third minutes, Felipe penalty area to take the ball, Vidal foul, the referee decisive penalty. Glenn Seidman hit the crossbar in the lob play! Sorry to miss a good chance. Eighty-eighth minutes, Alabbar find cross cutting Robben, who headed the door out of the goal. Ninetieth minutes, Ma Jing free kick, Godin unmarked volley was blocked out of the bottom line. Finally, Callas scored the only goal, Atletico home court 1-0 Lectra Bayern, Champions League two game winning streak.

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