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Van Gaal had in charge of Manchester United, the germination of the team to use the Reality Virtual (VR, virtual reality) helmet idea. The Dutch were fired at United in May. Then please Lianpin Jose - Muni Leo mann. But he is still in the team left some unfinished business. VR helmet can provide the team with the game data analysis, players through their eyes into the screen and data. And United's players can look back at the pictures. They can suspend the helmet goggles record screen, to watch their status at the time of the game.

Therefore, VR technology can be used to fully analyze the players in each time point of the game. This invention from beyond sport's technology, has been in this season and has been used in practice in eindhoven. The images of the virtual reality are different from the data recorded by the camera equipment. News reports say, Van Gaal insisted that introduced this technology to Manchester United, Carlton applied to the training base. But his proposal was rejected after negotiations with the team. United players have no clear response to their views on this technology. At the same time, relevant experts are studying new ways to improve the technology. In fact, as early as two years ago, when the world cup in Brazil, Van Gaal let Holland team used a few weeks similar to the VR helmet to help the team to collect and analyze data. Facts have proved that the Holland team in the later game also played well. Van Gaal Rex Marx, a performance analyst, has been criticised for being too much of a concern for United's weaknesses, and little analysis of the team's strengths. Later, he told the daily mail that the VR helmet was almost carried out earlier in the day.

Van Gaal for the new technology is very respected. He is a coach of the mind. No matter in Ajax, Bayern or Holland national team he is trying to introduce some new technology for the team to help the team improve." Rex evaluation way. "The club should have the players in the best condition, and my mission is to complete the goal through data analysis." "Every young man knows iPad, knows the virtual reality, and knows the FIFA game. So we can't ask them to like watching TV as much as we do. I'll be looking at a lot of times for 90 minutes, but no one will do the work I do. But every team is different, so we need to adjust our work." Rex continued. "Those who play FIFA games are great people, understand the virtual reality may be more thorough than ordinary people.

Whether these people are young or old, in my opinion, this group of people is the kind of person who can accept the new technology. In theory, some people like to observe their own performance, so as to analyze and summarize. Of course, some people won't like it." "Van Gaal also said that he is not the kind of new technology for harbour evil designs, making people. Manchester United have the best training facilities, the best management, the best players, and all the experts. But he still wants to try to bring something different to the club and the players." Finally, Rex defended himself: "I'm just a technical staff, I am responsible for the collection and analysis of data, I do not participate in the development of other decisions. People are criticized because we are too attached to the data and lead to the team in the game was too mechanical, leading to the game is very boring. I don't think it's my responsibility. I just want to help the team to do better."

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