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The seventh round of the league, AC Milan will return home court against Sassolo. The first half, Bonaventura break, politano lightning equaliser. The second half, Thoreau even 2 minutes into the two ball, Chewbacca burst, Locatelli equalised, Paletta counter ultra score. In the end, Milan 4-3 home win over Sassolo. The Milan round only harvest a draw, regardless of race aside, 0-0 and Florence draw results should be acceptable. At present, Milan in the sixth row of the table, although the league has just played 6 rounds, now the ranking is still too early, but the integral bite group leader is always right.

Milan is currently 1 points away from the top 3 in the league, if the current round of victory will be able to squeeze into the top 3. The Rossoneri in the home court, for the 4 unbeaten and win a victory is the goal of Milan. The first half, eighth minutes, in front of Milan made a wonderful match, the ball to the edge of the area to try to pull burnavon foot volley hit the Archer's body reflects the network, 1-0! After 2 minutes, Abate cross gift mistakes, politano into the restricted area after the trip tuishe equaliser over the defence after 1-1! Twenty-second minutes, Pellegrini right pass to the area after the point, Adeyapang irregular action will be scored, but slow show handball goal and booked. After 3 minutes, Pellegrini outside the area controlled second point direct long-range kicker Donna Roumat on to directly get. Thirty-sixth minutes, de Sileo pass in the left the restricted area arc Baka directly volley wide. 1 minutes later, SA line flying solo blocking loophole has defused two shots and Chewbacca burnavon Tula, eventually get Celia hole. Easy side battles the second half.

Forty-seventh minutes, a direct free kick Suso hits on the human wall recoils, then the burnavon Tula qiuhou direct long shots. Fifty-fourth minutes, Aetna plagioclase pass the box to get forward than Archer, the latter volley Dianshe break counter ultra score, 1-2! 1 minutes later, Pellegrini and his teammates to play with the wall into the box with Gomes guarding Akira open after low shot, 1-3! Sixty-eighth minutes, the Union area inherent anti pinch fell penalty kick. Then the penalty Baca deceive goalkeeper into the lower left corner, 3-2! Seventy-second minutes, Milan corner kick, substitute second direct selection Locatelli volley dead to tie the score, 3-3! Seventy-sixth minutes, a free kick around the wall by the burnavon Tula Sealy block hole. Then the Union's corner, the box to get high to the final Paletta counter ultra score, 4-3! 3 minutes later, politano closed top left foot volley to force Donna Roumat to make flying fighting. In the end, Milan 4-3 home win over Sassolo.

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