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The game is the 100th serie a game for Juventus player Baala. The game just opening, Dibala drove into the restricted area after the ball fell to the ground in the competition, the referee whistled for a foul. The opening stage both sides actively and play in all ninth minutes, P Janic will pick the ball into the penalty area, Khedira offside single form, but Khedira's shooting goalkeeper out hit the crossbar bottom line. Tenth minutes, F Natsu Reilly outside the restricted area handball foul, Baala free kick by Skou Lupski fell out. This time Juventus gradually control the situation, and will transfer the ball back and forth on both sides of the flank, trying to mobilize opponents defense.

Nineteenth split, Claude Lado right down to the edge of the area around the onrush, suddenly a curve ball, the ball flying out Sikelupusiji. Then Juventus corner, after Gonzalo Higuain got the ball shot turned the ball, again by the keeper. Twenty-first minutes, Juve back off the ball back, Claude Lado rushed to the edge of the area after the cross, Dibala adjusted his hit the door, Skou Lupski will catch the ball. Twenty-eighth minutes, Juventus attack quickly, shot at the Claude Lado edge of the area was blocked by a defender, Gonzalo Higuain up and then shot hit Dibala. Thirty-second minutes, Gonzalo Higuain midfield ball launched after the break, the left side of the penalty area inverted triangle return, but Dibala shot couldn't play power. Thirty-fifth minutes, Eder Luis houchangchangzhuan, Claude Lado rapid plug in the single form, but he tuishe yuanjiao goalkeeper was blocked by foot after close column wide.

Thirty-eighth minutes, Grose ball into the restricted area on the left foot volley after grasped by Buffon, which is conducive to the game we shot it. Then Claude Lado again through fast get a good opportunity, but his shot is still not able to break the ten mark Sikelupusiji. Forty-first minutes, like Bailey ball, Akira, and Tello after foot volley was Buffon's beam prop. Forty-fourth minutes, Dibala shot was goalkeeper, Gonzalo Higuain Kosic is on the line with the lob siege, Claude Lado restricted line volley hit high. The end of the first half, the two sides temporarily draw 0-0. At half-time both sides did not change.

Fiftieth minutes, Khedira ball into the penalty area zhisai Gonzalo Higuain, but Gonzalo Higuain did not find a suitable continuous adjustment of the shot, the final shot hit pop defensive player. Fiftieth minutes, Eder Luis behind the uprooting Kruni eat the game's first yellow card. Fifty-second minutes, Pascual opened the ball, F Natsu Reilly header ferry, macarone relay header top side. Fifty-third minutes, P Janic restricted area near Tello invasion, the two sides of conflict, Juventus won the distance closer to the ball, P Janic free kick, the ball was a defensive player blocked a bit wide of the bottom line. This time the field begin to appear on the smell of gunpowder, a player is.

Fifty-eighth minutes, Gonzalo Higuain tuishe goal but was offside in the first place. Sixtieth minutes, we first rate change adjustment, MacCarone was replaced by Malilunge. Allegri also made adjustments for Lemina khedira. Sixty-second minutes, Pascual knocked down Claude Lado also eat a yellow card. Sixty-fourth minutes, Dibala opened the ball, suddenly popped up within a restricted area in the melee Gonzalo Higuain, but he's close at hand was tuishe Skou Lupski fell out in a timely manner. Sixty-fifth minutes, Sandro left low ball, follow up the Dibala foot Tui, 0-1! Backward Empoli again change adjustment, Muqiedelize replaced tello. Sixty-sixth minutes, the conflict between the back and the G. Sixty-seventh minutes after the ball hit the break Juve, transfer to front, Gonzalo Higuain ball to kill the box at the top of the arc volley, 0-2! Gonzalo Higuain scored fifth goals in the league.

Seventieth minutes, like Bailey mistakes, will pass back to the foot of Gonzalo Higuain, Gonzalo Higuain homeopathic easily go past the goalkeeper to score, 0-3! Juventus 5 minutes into the 3 ball. Lead the Juventus offensive unabated, seventy-second minutes, Claude Lado Sandro received the ball low shot, the ball struck the column wide. Then the two sides at the same time substitutions, dessel for Kruni, who was replaced by Florent Baala. Seventy-seventh minutes, Pascual's free kick around the wall and went straight to the goal, Buffon will hold the ball. Eighty-second minutes, sturua Luo for P Janic, both run out of substitutions. Eighty-fifth minutes, sturua Luo flat ball to the restricted area arc, arc ball pocket Chahar who shoots the far angle by goalkeeper beam prop. The end of the game, the score is not changed, the final end of the game, Juventus 3-0 win over Empoli, the League three game winning streak. While Empoli is nearly 4 League greatly.

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