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16-17 season in the seventh round of the Serie A battle in the round of the Olympic Stadium in Rome to start the contest, the international Milan away 1-2 defeat to Rome. The first half Dzeko received Peres assists the first record, Banega long-range column, then the two teams repeatedly made threats but failed to score. The second half equaliser Banega manolas, winning the final break, inter away defeat. Victory, Rome in the week in the UEFA Cup on the Tohti team armed Yongming old but vigorous. The Serie A home court 6 straight, nearly 6 meters to maintain a psychological advantage of the Warring States is unbeaten Honglang Inter in the Europa League; suffered 2 defeats, but the league has been unbeaten in 5, the game, continuous out of general Joao - Mario is expected to return, but Ansaldi's injury or will usher in the first show.

The first week, only made 3 ball Tohti return to the bench, De Rossi issued the first captain; inter, Mario return from injury, Ansaldi also recovered from the usher in the first show, I Karl Di is a single arrow up front. Start in just 1 minutes, Banega in the right rib - Mario Joao received the ball straight out after the curve ball, although icardi in the chaos army from grab header, but the header from the center is more outrageous. Fourth minutes, right on the sidelines and Salah instigated offensive near the ball across push, high-speed plug in the area of Peres right rib qiuhou trip to the bottom line in the vicinity with vigorous strides, and put the shovel grab before the cross road in Murray, Dzeko in front of a little easier pad ball into the net, 1-0! Rome gets ahead. Eighth minutes, Juan backcourt ball mistakes, the ball away from the door in banay plus small 30 meters suddenly right foot shot, the ball to the left side of the goal meteoric dead, but unfortunately hit the post pop, inter miss the opportunity to tie.

In twelfth minutes, Candreva pass the ball from the right to the door, Szczesny will not neglect the single palm ball out. Sixteenth minutes, Candreva in the 30 meters away from the door of a sudden cold shot, but the ball is too soft and can not cause the threat of soft. Twentieth minutes, Fuluolunqi to the foot of Dzeko in the backcourt headers, the clever homeopathic sent Zhise, Salah with the speed advantages of overtaking Murillo right into the restricted area after the success of single face but will hit the ball to chant, the outside of the post pop. In twenty-seventh minutes, Salah right away cross knock, Dzeko in the Tui was in front of Puzhu Handa towards the ball in front of the penalty area.

Thirty-first minutes, Candreva on the right side of the near post scissor nodded towards the ball but the ball didn't hit the door within the scope of. Fortieth minutes left, Fuluolunqi high-speed plug received little Juan straight ball kicker volley in the penalty area, the ball slightly column on the left side. Forty-second minutes, Banega road precise oblique plug plug Ansaldi found, the latter is pushed towards the ball cross road manolas in front of the siege, Fazio then headed again siege not far, follow Candreva before the ball hit the ground and kicker volley, the ball went straight to the corner and go, what Chensni reacted quickly to the ball flying saved. Forty-third minutes, Dzeko in the back of Miranda's defense after the deduction of his right foot tuishe, but the ball strength and angle are not being Handa Puzhu fell to the ground. Then the first half ended, the two teams into the middle of the break. Easy side battles the second half, fifty-first minutes, Joao - Mario after the ball up front straight found Perisic before the latter accelerated start into the restricted area on the left after one small angle low shot, the ball Szczesny fingertip touches to defuse the danger.

Fifty-second minutes, Perotti left the ball up to the horizontal inscribed angle shot out of the way, Handanovic stood in front of the ball down a letter. Fifty-seventh minutes to find the right time Stroman Salah circle near the ball in the process, the latter slightly observed after sudden horizontal dial and the left foot sends out, this time into the back post near Manchester Luo Manying shakes Leipzig ball, but the ball high. Seventy-first minutes, Banega on the edge of the box to try with the wall and icardi, the latter after the ball will not be adjusted directly cross the forbidden area, Banega after the ball first buckle to close and De Rossi, then left the clever poke near the corner succeeded, 1-1! Inter will level the score. Seventy-sixth minutes, Floren Zi free kick to open the door, manolas header succeeded, 2-1! Rome once again lead. Eighty-sixth minutes, Fuluolunqi opened near the right corner kick, Dzeko in front of the door header Leipzig hammer, Handanovic in the line, the ball struggling. Then the referee opened the door line technology, after the analysis of the penalty did not cross the line of the ball, the game continues. Since the inter full back but failed to score, the end of the final referee whistle of the game, inter League unbeaten in 5 away defeat, was the end.

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