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The 2016-2017 Premier League season, the seventh round of the match started at Old Trafford, United's 1-1 draw at Storck City home court. The first half, both offensive and defensive, Grant repeatedly risk brave fighting, attacks of opportunity is to resolve the united. The second half, Marshall Qiao radio yuanjiao break, Joe - Allen equalised. Before the end of the game, Pogba headed hit the beam. Finally, the end of the game, Manchester United draw with Storck city. The two sides had to fight 93 times, Manchester United 30 wins and 23 draws and 40 losses, the last 8 home games against Storck City, Manchester United all win.

The last round of the league's 4-1 win over Leicester City, then in the Europa League and United 1-0 Lou Gansike Sol A immediately, ushered in the tournament's 3 game winning streak. The city of Storck, in the first 6 rounds of the Premier League in 2 flat 4 negative have not won, the team state bad. After the game, Manchester spearheaded the attack, first minutes, Manchester United right attack is blocked, bogeba restricted area before the ball outside the instep straight pole, Ibrahimovic low shot near the corner saved by Grant, then Ibrahimovic bushe Grant was closed out again. Eighth minutes, Cameron outside suddenly long shots, the ball was David De Gea get. Twelfth minutes, Valencia shovel down Peters, was shown a yellow card. Fourteenth minutes, Joe - Allen on the right and bottom of the cross, Boniface before missed the ball, after Cameron with a low shot, David De Gea ball confiscated.

Subsequently, Ibrahimovic Mata cross, the latter to heel knock lingard, then lingard the ball for Pogba, but no defense of Pogba will hit, Manchester United once again missed the opportunity! Twenty-first minutes, rush, on the left back Juan Mata, bogeba forward to attract attention, Mata lob by Grant Tor beam suddenly. Then the corner kick, bogeba to header slightly deflected. Twenty-sixth minutes, Ibrahimovic cross from the left, the Linjiademen shot saved by Grant! Twenty-eighth minutes, Mata cross, Herrera left nushe blocked. The next game, the two sides launched a fierce midfield scraping on the ball. Thirty-ninth minutes, bogeba road extraordinary row tipped the ball. Forty-third minutes, Valencia right inverted triangle pass, to keep up with Herrera shot blocked. Then the ball in the match, Bogebade lofted the ball outside the instep.

The first half ended with the referee's whistle, the two sides into halftime. Easy side battles, the city of Storck to strengthen the attack. Forty-sixth minutes, Sachiri free kick pass, after the Indy header hit the crossbar, but the referee signaled the ball offside. Forty-eighth minutes, run through the evacuation of inverted triangle lingard right pass, Pogba right foot shot was blocked out of the bottom line. The corner is cleared, Herrera periphery long missed. Fifty-third minutes, Herrera stepping Joe Allen foul, was shown a yellow card. Fifty-fourth minutes, Sacchi pass, Choallen got the ball Akira defense after the right foot tuishe David De Gea has been resolved. Then, when Alberto Ibrahimovic foul was a yellow card.

Fifty-ninth minutes, Mata road lateral the ball after a left foot shot, Grant appeared to sell, but then quickly took the ball. Sixty-fifth minutes, the ball to do the ball, Herrera vigorously low shot out of the door. Subsequently, Manchester makes a change, Mata was replaced by Rooney, replaced by Marshall lingard. Sixty-seventh minutes, Ibrahimovic Road, qiuhou wave suddenly right foot low shot into the far corner, shooting quality is very high, but slightly missed. Subsequently, Marshall left the ball to the edge of the area after the cross to kill Rooney, stopping Rooney slightly larger defenders destroyed, horse ball rub Charles shot into the far corner succeeded, 1-0, Manchester United to break the deadlock! Seventieth minutes, the right pick, rush, bogeba after the plug swept front, Ibrahimovic road missed, then Marshall left the ball again, blinder shot was blocked to keep pace with the time.

The ensuing corner, Pogba slipped and fell before the shot, the ball was blocked from Lunide. Seventy-sixth minutes, and Herrera limped off Anaotuoweiqi Pinqiang, then Walters came off the bench and was replaced by Crouch Bernie. Eightieth minutes, Marshall left the ball break brought down by shocr Ross, Rooney's free kick is taken by Grant. Eighty-second minutes, Glen - Johnson right off after Herrera shot, David De Gea dropped Walters, keep up with the ball in David De Gea bushe, who played Joe Allen hit the crossbar, and then shot the ball, 1-1, the city of Storck equalised! Subsequently, Manchester United make one final change for Herrera, Memphis. Eighty-sixth minutes after the ball straight road, bogeba Saiyibu, the latter was saved by Grant tongshe! Eighty-eighth minutes, rush, right pass, bogeba header to keep hitting the crossbar, Manchester United once again missed scoring opportunities! Subsequently, the city of Storck has run out of substitutions, Bardsley in Xiasha jhiri. Finally, the end of the game, Manchester United's 1-1 draw with Storck City home court.

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