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Macedonia qualifiers suffered two defeats, gradually lose at the starting line. In this game, Pan Defu will continue to lead the fight, I do not know whether he can do well in with the old rivals in the contest; Italy world cup is the first win over Israel, then draw the Spanish home court. Although unbeaten, but the team still has a lot of problems: Pelle is driven, the bad news is half Montolivo injured, Chiellini but hurt back to a series. First, Pandev as captain and Nestor Lovskey up front; Italy, Belotti replaced the Pelle position, and yinmobilai striker partner, Bernardet J Ki in the midfield, Rome, Ollie is replace the injured out of the main defender Chiellini left.

The opening third minutes, the Macedonian first attack, Nestor Lovskey in the restricted area before the line side wall sends oblique plug, Pandev hint obliquely into the box on the right side of her shot, but Buffon attack promptly closed the ball out of the bottom line. Ninth minutes, de Sileo left the ball down after her ball ball road ambush Yimobilaigao high to head back rub, the ball came to the back door near the post, Candreva's volley the ball into the back of the net boom, but the linesman flagged for offside decision. Fourteenth minutes, A Rios Ki in the back of the ball from the right don't drive Qi Dao obliquely into the box, but in Rome the interference gnoli shot to the side of the line.

Nineteenth minutes, Nestor Lovskey outside the area towards the ball volley hit the crossbar, Macedonia had almost completed a break. Twenty-second minutes, Candreva on the right side of the ball down after a short observation arc sends a high pass to the point, yinmobilai ball tuishe goal near the corner of Bo Ghazi Andrianof was closed out of the bottom line. Twenty-third minutes, Bernardet J Ki out of the left corner, the ball came to bypass the precise closed road before, unguarded Belotti ball right foot volley volley, the ball close rapidly channeling into the net, 0-1! Italy to break the deadlock on the ground.

Twenty-eighth minutes, Rome gnoli ball pressure after crossing the midline suddenly sent a long ball straight beat Macedonia behind the defence offside, Belotti tried to move into the box but failed to pose a threat. Forty-third minutes, Candreva on the right road, clever man after spiking to send accurate biography, ambush in front of the school gate was Bonaventura near the ball fly, Italy missed the opportunity to expand the lead. Followed by the end of the game, the two sides into the middle of the break. Easy side battles the second half. For forty-ninth minutes, Barzagli Jang received a pass into the nearby Ciro immobile on the left side of the box bottom line, but the angle of small tongshe was sealed Bo Ghazi Andrianof fell out. Fifty-eighth minutes, de Sileo backcourt passes to the feet of Nestor Lovskey, defending Chanca Bonui near the ball to break through the forbidden line, and grab the tongshe bottom right corner at the back of the Vilati front, the ball straight up the net, Buffon helpless, 1-1! Macedonia will score.

Sixtieth minutes, Nestor Jankulovski road in the raid the ball to Pan Defu on the right side of the rib, which carry the eye observation after cross knock Road, before Nestor Lovskey back on the way by the plug to unload the ball back to the anti Bernardet J Ki foot damage, but the ball arrived at the top of the arc Hassanein low shot, 2-1! Macedonia only two minutes of time will be the score back. Sixty-second minutes, Pandev in the restricted area on the right rib suddenly cold shot kicked, Buffon fumbled the ball, but Bonui beat the ball damage.

Sixty-seventh minutes, Italy in front of the door 25 meters away from the free kick right, Candreva Yijianshangduo burst shot into the road, but the ball slightly higher than the beam. Seventieth minutes, the Macedonian front kick on the right oblique to the closed road, ambushed Mojsov bent header, Buffon in the line, the ball. Seventy-fifth minutes, Italy road in front of seek cooperation, Vera Siti Gi cross found the box yinmobilai, the latter stopping mistakes, the ball accidentally came to the right side of the penalty area, Candreva sent forward by Mobilaimen cross, before the fire break, 2-2! Race to return to the same running line. Seventy-seventh minutes, yinmobilai in the middle of the penalty area shot in the Lisitefusiji shoulder, although he gestured to the referee penalty, but has not been ignored.

Eighty-first minutes, cruising to Candreva small angle area on the left side of the sliding door and volley. Then Italy has the corner kick opportunity, but the road is Bonucci header is too. Eighty-eighth minutes, Velardi middle the ball into the restricted area before the way out of long, Parolo rob in attack Bo Ghazi Andrianof before the header succeeded, but had identified the offside flag. Injury time, near the Candreva front send accurate crosses to the left side of the goal post, yinmobilai small angle header is 2-3! Italy complete lore. Since then no contribution to the two teams, with the referee a whistle, the end of the game.

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