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Once the belly of the Faroe Islands in the first 2 games of World Cup in excellent condition, respectively at home court game victory over Latvia, Hungary, is currently ranked second place in group B. In the team played in the League not mainstream star case, this record is a mystery; as this summer's European Cup in Portugal has received more attention. But the team lose the first battle of World Cup, first round 0-2 defeat away to Switzerland, the last round of Ronaldo dasixi to help the team 6 ball victory over Andorra, but recently the excellent state of Guerrero or be absent because of injury in this game.

First, the Ronaldo and A- partner Silva in attack, Antunes replaced the injured Guerrero lineup. Start in just 10 seconds, the Ronaldo will be fierce rivals down to the ground, but fortunately did not cause illness. Ninth minutes, Ronaldo on the left side of the penalty area received a pass from Mario after a slight adjustment foot curve ball goal, the ball was a defender after blocking to A- at the foot of Silva, but then he hit the door still blocked. Twelfth minutes, Ronaldo in midfield to knock the ball to Mario, who is a homeopathic forward half lob pass, the edge of the area Silva A- nice to unload the ball, in the face of Nelson tongshe break easily, 0-1! Portugal took the lead in the lead. Nineteenth minutes, the Portuguese line access to restricted free kick before the left foot lift, Ronaldo imminent trying to hit the ball, but failed to control the ball in high strength.

Twenty-first minutes, right into the box after Quaresma hastening with mouth gags to sweep the ball in front of the ball was a defender siege not far. Silva followed up into the air, A- header, the ball into the net on the right corner, 0-2! A- Silva scored twice. Thirty-fourth minutes, the Portuguese opened the left corner, Pepe in the restricted area road side hit the ball high hook goalkeeper. In thirty-sixth minutes, Cancelo 25 meters away from the door outside was at Lengjian kicker shot, Nelson faced the urgent and fast ball not neglect to ground fighting, but the ball did not rush away, then ambush in the penalty area A- Silva easily succeeded blank range, 0-3! Portugal demon easily completed a hat trick. Followed by the end of the game, the two sides into the middle of the break. Easy side battles the second half.

Forty-seventh minutes before Mario sent precise straight, Ronaldo come straight to the point momentum into the restricted area on the left side, but then the low shot down a letter by Nelson. Sixty-third minutes, Sorensen shot was saved by Patricio, the Faroe Islands won so far the best chance. Sixty-fifth minutes, Ronaldo and Mario in the continuous wall with the later to play down the left rib region, then he looked a little observation hit a beautiful world wave, the ball straight hang the top right corner, 0-4! Ronaldo two games have scored 5 goals, Sixty-ninth minutes, Martins right front ball after cross knock, follow up A- Silva ball hit the door was sealed Nelson fell out.

Then the Portuguese left corner to open the back post near Pepe's close range volley again blocked David on the line. Ninetieth minutes, Martins broke into the restricted area on the right side of the bottom line in the vicinity of evacuation of inverted triangle return, Motinho outside the area towards the ball tuishe complete break, 0-5! Substitute Motinho accomplishment. Ninety-second minutes, Martins in front of a fatal road sent Zhise, Kansailuo went into the restricted area after right Leipzig succeeded, 0-6! The final victory over the Faroe Islands, Portugal gain victory with unstained swords, attack the afterlife two qualifying game winning streak.

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