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Spain international Peake has announced that he will quit the national team in Russia after the world cup, Peake in the just concluded World Cup qualifier wearing a long sleeved shirt cut, so once again triggered a huge controversy, after Peake said he would quit the national team, the media and fans are also one of the reasons for speculation this is the event. Western media "Aspen" editor Alfredo Quagliarella Mourinho on the official website issued a special apologize to Peake, he hoped Peake could change your mind like Messi ". Quagliarella Mourinho said: "I hope that Peake will reconsider, I hope he can do like Messi.

But for what is happening, I can understand his disappointment. His image is distorted: Peake is indeed very militant, and has made a heated speech in the game against Real Madrid. But when he played for the national team, he has always been a role model for all the players. But the world has the Real Madrid fans, so fans started to boo in the national team, the sad trend has weakened in the. Whether they are intentionally or unintentionally, many people are confused with the concept, they all think this is a political boo. Peake worked hard to separate these two concepts, I appreciate him very much. Though I still think he's a bit too much for Real Madrid. Hostile relations in the world of football are innocent, can be stopped, but on the other hand, the sense of hostility is that we have been so long since there is no deal with the problem of the identity of Catalonia people.

But he has never had any problems in this respect. Peake has been working hard for the national team, just as other teammates in his club, and now is the case, the future is the same. In the history of the national team, compared with other clubs, Barcelona to provide the strength of the national team to a large number, which we can not forget. Now, for the wrong interpretation of his jersey hurt him, as it has been the last drop of water drops into full cup. Before the other players in the long period of time for the national team after the announcement of withdrawal, it is not a fresh thing. But Peake was the first player to quit because of the conflict in Catalonia, which will be a dark chapter in the history of the national team. So I hope that he can change his mind, so I want to apologize to him and apologize for our made in just 20 minutes of network reports, apologize for it caused great repercussions in the social media, and apologized for causing unrest and distress."

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