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Real Madrid in the Champions League after the first two rounds of 1 wins and 1 draws, only on goal difference advantage in Dortmund behind in the second group. The game face recognized team Yunan, the Milky Way battleship is expected to bring a cross, Modri and other key renewal goals like staged storm. The new army in Warsaw in the Champions League two game losing streak, lost 8 ball net under the condition of Spain can only live happily. First, BBC three arrows, Asensio and J Ronaldo ambush later, at the cross road combing the attack, but the defense without Ramos, Carvajal will substitute.

Eighth minutes, cross the circle near the ball was broken, Warsaw quick counterattack to Real Madrid area before the ball to the right, then ofer, before insertion of John Tor Vecchi on the ball was shot Navas fell to resolve. Ninth minutes, Benzema to break through the restricted area on the left side of the bottom kicker small angle shot, malaci sealed near the corner to defuse the crisis. Twelfth minutes, the Yiliemei on the right road cycling through Marcello defense after the knock back road, stopping power volley at one go, but the ball hit the ground on the left column after the pop.

Thirteenth minutes, Baer in front of the top of the arc after the breakthrough to the restricted area was at Lengjian, but slightly missed. Sixteenth minutes, Danilo ball pressure on Warsaw to the edge of the area after the side to find the right of Baer, who later left to cut the ball inside the box pocket shot into the bottom left corner, the ball meteoric net, 1-0! Real Madrid home court xianbatouchou. Nineteenth minutes, Arsenal midfielder Theo range and move the ball and find the left Benzema, the latter a road bicycle foot into the area after inverted triangle return, Marcello on the left edge of the area before the ball nushe, the ball hit the refraction in the leg on the fly into YOTO's lower left corner of the goal, 2-0! This is the final ball made YOTO Albion oolong.

Twenty-first minutes, Danilo in the restricted area will pull down the odd ball break the multidimensional shovel, the referee quickly blow the whistle penalty. Then Radovi personally kick the ball firmly into the bottom right corner of the penalty, Navas determine the wrong direction only hope the ball out, 2-1! Warsaw scored his first goal for the Champions League this season. Twenty-ninth minutes, Asensio in the restricted area before the dribble around after suddenly right foot shot, the ball slightly higher than the beam after refraction. Thirty-seventh minutes, Real Madrid - Danilo instigated offensive evacuation under the bottom of inverted triangle return, Cristiano Ronaldo in the back frame body cannon, Arsenal Theo ball nushe once again ripped through the Warsaw gate, 3-1! Real Madrid to continue to expand the lead.

Then the half ended, the two teams into the middle of the break. Easy side battles the second half, fifty-first minutes, Real Madrid played a Zhufengzhuidian like three line break, but at the moment Cristiano Ronaldo into the restricted area was back in the ridzene Zach shovel down on the ground, the referee immediately pulled out a yellow card later issued a stern warning. But then Cristiano Ronaldo kick the bow and arrow to attack the door by the wall. Sixty-second minutes, Morata and Vasquez on the stage for the next Baer and J. In sixty-seventh minutes, Morata left the ball down after observation and sent around a high arc pass in to the back post, the ball catch Vasquez volley, the ball roared into the near corner, 4-1! Two players on the bench to help Real Madrid once again expand the lead. Seventy-eighth minutes, Benzema in the restricted area on the right sends out, Cristiano Ronaldo ball poke out slightly.

Eighty-third minutes, Real Madrid in the frontcourt played vaudeville with subtlety, Kovacic straight to find the edge of the area of Cristiano Ronaldo, the latter to knock a heel to the foot of Benzema, Benzema homeopathic straight into the restricted area, the Cristiano Ronaldo in the restricted area on the right follow one after another low shot slightly off. Eighty-fifth minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo even had many people in the back after the ball to the left side of the penalty area morata, the latter after a slight adjustment at the kicker shot near the corner, the ball whistled channeling into the net, 5-1! The goal was scored. Eighty-eighth minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo in the box and Explosive Shot saved by Maraz Shen yong. The final whistle referee ended the game, Real Madrid home court in Warsaw.

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