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Bayern had been in the Premier League and the Champions League in 3 consecutive games failed to win, the team needed a victory to stabilize the morale of the troops. The data show that the German giants in the home court has never lost to the Holland team; PSV prior to the goal difference advantage group ranked third, although they hope to get the first win group D, despite Bayern's recent state is not ideal, but presumably defends the counter attack is the first choice kokou. First, the soldier Lavon front, Muller and Robben ambush later. Teenager Kimich continued to gain trust and the defence by Boateng and Hummel J partner; PSV, Luke - De Jong and Narsingh striker partner, general Lopel in midfield.

Competition in the rain, the rapid control of the right to control the ball after the opening of Bayern. Second minutes before Tiago's pick to the left side of the penalty area, Alabbar broke into the bottom line after inverted triangle return, Muller ball tuishe goal slightly to the right column, the Bayern blitz almost succeeded. Eighth minutes, Bayern to Eindhoven before the market penetration of the closed road, Lavon and Muller in a continuous wall with the ball after to left at the foot of Robben, the latter to eat Burrard after the success of small angle shot hit the side line. Eleventh minutes, Robben very covert zhisai hit Muller in the right side of Eindhoven, the ball inside the penalty area after slight observation of inverted triangle sent back, Alabbar hit the door up but put the anti-aircraft gun. Twelfth minutes, Lavon on the edge of the area shot burst by zoet flying over the bar.

Robben then quickly open right corner to the small restricted Youlei, Muller ball two combo break, 1-0! Muller finally opened the goal. Seventeenth minutes, Alabbar on the left side of the road to Boateng after the completion of the accurate long pass under the bottom of the cross, Robben grab push shot column. Twenty-first minutes, Bayern quick counterattack Muller zhisai ball go by like the wind, find the left plug Alabbar, the bottom is sent when the hanging cross, back up Kimich at the back post near the top of the ball into the net, 2-0! Kimich once again into the God front mode. Twenty-eighth minutes, Robben in the top of the arc to dispose of the ball to the forbidden area right rib, Kimich ball was shot zoet flying saved. Thirty-first minutes, Robben in front of road kill with vigorous strides to the edge of the area after the bow and arrow shooting straight from the middle of the goal, to defuse the crisis zoet again.

Thirty-eighth minutes, Pereiro - De Jong's pass Tui far corner to score in the restricted area on the left side, but the linesman flagged for offside, but replays showed that the ball is in a parallel position. Forty-first minutes, Eindhoven play fast counter, Pereiro sent a fatal Zhise, Narsingh hit Neuer in the door on the right side of the area shot, the ball straight into the top left corner, 2-1! PSV pulled one back. Then the two teams into the middle of the break. Easy side battles the second half, forty-seventh minutes, Tiago got the ball after a circle near the road and suddenly reached the front Kekebanban send accurate Zhise, Lavon brought down the ball into the box on the right after the low shot straight from the lower left corner of the goal, but the ball sliding gate.

Fifty-first minutes, Narsingh on the left DRIBBLINGS Akira open angle after sending a high arc pass, Alonso in the restricted area of roof, Pereiro in the restricted area in the volley straight from the lower left corner, Neuer made a great save force to the ball on the line. Fifty-eighth minutes, Neuer kick open Bigfoot to the front, Lavon header point to the Robben area, Holland city to sign again on the right cut road, and into the restricted area after shot straight from the door, the ball flying zoet saved, in front of a positive Lavon easily headed into the air door, 3-1! Bayern to withstand the pressure to expand the lead.

Sixty-seventh minutes, Lavon and Muller in front of the double door ghost Road, the former exquisite pass made threats, Muller ball tuishe being too zoet saved. Sixty-ninth minutes, Narsingh Rahm sent a breakthrough on the left across the ball again, but a small area before Luke De Jong failed to complete the door. Eighty-fourth minutes, Tiago sent in the middle of the exquisite pick pass, Robben before the insertion into the restricted area after the easy header attack succeeded, 4-1! Robben faced with the old master also completed a break. The final whistle referee ended the game, Bayern narrowly won the game.

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