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Both sides this season in the League performance is good, the ranking is located in the front row of the table. The week in the Champions League away victory over both. Robben game game to return to the peace Juan Stadium against old club. The game just opening, Ma Jing took the lead in the attack, the two sides quickly enter the state, intense battling in the midfield. Sixth minutes, Pareja free kick into the penalty area, Oblak dropped second points, Kirk timely rescue the ball. Seventh minutes, Gameiro steals back by Lami in closed line down, the referee of the game's first yellow card to lamy. Eleventh minutes, Lami pick, Mariano inscribed cross road, Nasri hit the door by Savage rescue.

Fifteenth minutes, Nasri left the curve ball, Tu Zong Qi shakes Leipzig, Oblak will hold the ball. Seventeenth minutes, Gregory Saltzman straight left, Gameiro small angle shot was saved by Rico ball. Correa then received teammates roll in, continuously excellent after foot hit the door up. The first 20 minutes of the two sides you come to me, have created a lot of offensive opportunities. Twenty-first minutes, not far from the defensive player of the rescue, en Zong Qi peripheral volley long-range is higher. Twenty-seventh minutes, Felipe ball cross road, Callas, parrega direct shooting far outside. Thirty-eighth minutes, en Zong Qi kicked Kirk booked. Thirty-ninth minutes, Godin sent out the top pick, Correa before the ball was inserted after the right foot shot off. Forty-second minutes, bittolo ball was hit by Correa Correa, the referee to show a yellow card. Forty-fourth minutes, Gaby Vasquez also booked down. The end of the first half, the two sides temporarily draw 0-0. Simonyi to make adjustments in the middle of the break, Gaitan replaced Correa.

The second half just opening, Glenn Seidman ball, he will be out in time to defuse dangerous situations. Forty-ninth minutes, Vieto ball heel knock, Nasri timely follow-up, continuous adjustment after the edge of the area shot, the ball hit the post. Fifty-second minutes, Mariano right curve ball, Vieto right foot shot saved by Oblak Shen Yong, Zong Qi - well then also confiscated by Oblak. Fifty-fifth minutes, Callas xiechuan, small angle gamero restricted the right shot hit the side net. Then again Atletico substitutions, Tiago debut for Callas. Sixty-first minutes, he shot not far, Kirk volley cross restricted Gregory front right hook Saltzman shot, the ball slightly higher than the beam. Sixty-second minutes, Kirk tactical foul booked down Vasquez. Sixty-sixth minutes, Torres debut for Gameiro, Simonyi run out of substitutions. Seventy-third minutes pass straight well received after Zong Qi bittolo single form, in the face of Aubrac foot Tui, 1-0! The break on the ground is broken.

Seventy-eighth minutes, scraping down Kirk Lamy eat a second yellow card was sent off. Seventy-ninth minutes, Nasri curve ball, second point vierto area towards the ball shot, the ball was clinging to Oblak. Eighty-first minutes, Mariano kicked Gaitan also booked. Then a free kick, road header Yiceng, he throws the ball flying. Eighty-eighth minutes, Gaitan ball into the penalty area, Godin header from the perspective of being too Rico confiscated. Ninety-first minutes, Seville even for two people, and Joaquin Correa iborra replaced Vasquez and Vieto. The final end of the game, Atletico 0-1 away defeat to Seville, the season unbeaten Jinshen was solved.

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