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In a league just ended, Real Madrid beat Bilbao athletics home court 2-1. Continue to lead the League standings.

After the game, Real Madrid coach Zidane at a news conference, said: "there is no game is easy to win."

The game: "very good, I am very satisfied with the work of the players. We took three points at home. In such a complicated opponent like against Bilbao can get a victory, I am very happy. We felt the strong pressure from our opponents in the game, which was normal in the football match. We all know that our team will always go all out in the game, so we have to laugh at the end of the game and take away three points. This is football, you have to go through it. Sometimes you won't get a goal in the game. Although the opponent is very complex, but as long as there is patience, you can take away the final victory. If the champion always come back to the price, to accept the test. We are Real Madrid, we look forward to scoring 4, 5 goals in the game, but this kind of scene will not happen every moment.

" Not satisfied with the place: "we always have room for improvement. Because soccer is dealing with the details of the problem. The most important is to maintain a good state. We did well in the game, and I was satisfied. We can improve the hit rate of the door. It's important that you play all the games that you can play in the game. I saw every player in the game gave his all, and in the end a win. In this game we suffered no small suffering, because the opponent is not general."

Easco change: "he had more profound ideas on tactics. I am satisfied with his play in this game. Baer on the left, sometimes in the middle. Easco seeking more fixed position in the middle." Morata: "he will get more playing time. Not today, or yesterday. But tomorrow. He has to be patient. We need a more mature team, just like today."

Morata and Vasquez: "today he has such a performance, tomorrow may be another way. I like to look at the team as a whole, not a player. We need every player. They are conquering me, they are doing well. They may be the first to start in some other time."

Cristiano Ronaldo : "he's missing something. Patience, not today, but tomorrow." Morata's goal: "very good. I'm glad。 You know it's not easy to win a game. Today's game is not easy, but we won." Goal: "I'm not worried about that. Against such a tough opponent, the goal is not easy. We will make improvements."

Top: "we have to take seriously every game. No game is easy to win. We have to fight to the last round. This is the time I have to transfer to the players. We are going to do our best in every game."

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