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The most important week of early 2015 was placed in front of Dortmund. On Tuesday they will appear on the challenge Juventus Turin, while in the Champions League knockout stages after this week, six of them in turn with Schalke large Ruhr derby. Fortunately Dortmund timely renewals skills package, ushered in a wave of three-game winning streak, but a big wave test is being hit.

Before the game with Juventus, Dortmund found themselves in trouble on two fronts in. And after a 3-2 win over Stuttgart coach Jurgen - Klopp made a statement: "Bundesliga above all else." On the one hand, you want to divert attention away from the Bundesliga in a meat grinder, the Champions League is a a good choice, but also for the players, it can showcase their talents on the biggest stage of Europa, also excellent. On the other hand, the Champions League is almost a hassle, it will only become Dortmund in the Bundesliga relegation resistance.

There are many times in the history of the two teams played against, including two Champions League finals. Overall Juve prevail because the 1990s and Dortmund clash in seven, Juve took four victories.

1993 Juventus beat Dortmund won the UEFA Cup, but in the 1997 Champions League final against Juventus, Dortmund let people know what "out to mix always has," they most prestigious performance to win the Champions League and the final completion the self-redemption. On Tuesday, the two teams did not determine the ownership of the Champions League, but still have a lot to look forward to the place.

After Dortmund's rivals in Serie solidly completed three consecutive years. In view of the dangerous situation in the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League for the attitude of just focusing on participation, while Juventus in the Champions League but then with great hope and they need more proof. In this Italian giants last season did not qualify from the group stage of the Champions League, but this time they did not play the advantage in the second round group stage loss to Atletico Madrid.

In the Champions League Juventus chase on the road, this could be a golden opportunity, and their fans in this race needs to fight a protracted war. At the same time, although Dortmund in the domestic league had some trouble, but in the Champions League group stage performance is quite good. Hornet's attitude towards the Bianconeri are reasonable manner. "It was a close game," Klopp, Royce says, they believe that when the Hornet small outbreak of the universe, no one is the opponent.

Undoubtedly, Juventus also Xinxinbaopeng, and obviously the team is the source of their excellent performance and confident. In front of Buffon is a seasoned defense, while the midfield will be tough and smart integration firm, then served with Carlos Tevez and led powerful striker Mota La. Klopp will find it difficult to curb cruising Pirlo in midfield and Boge Ba, but so that he is not only worried about the ability of these two extraordinary players, Juventus there is a big vote-round multi-angle shooter fancy waiting his worry about it.

Aubameyang is likely to lead the team to take on the task of blocking the revival of Juventus in.

Dortmund oppressive style of play is torn hope Allegri 4-3-2-1 formation, and Juventus in Serie A pack may be the best defense, but they rarely face this team like Dortmund tenacious and tight as a symbol of the team. Taking into account the strong defensive attack Dortmund is a weak team, these two teams on the offensive end all will shine.

And the Hornets had to stay in mind for the derby, Klopp should be minor adjustments to the team's rotation on Tuesday night. Hummels cold cure will soon return, or whether he and Subotic Stephanopoulos midfield partner, will be for the team to provide the necessary defensive intensity, but after Gundogan, Sven - Bender will likely finish his debut in 2015. Khodorkovsky substitute striker Buwashenqi Kanpur is a good thing, the latter in the game with Stuttgart body a slight discomfort. Buwashiqi Khodorkovsky experience perhaps that can be useful when the time on the sophistication of Juventus.

However, those prospects Yimobilai return to this famous people may be disappointed. Last season's top scorer in Serie A shadow is struggling, but over his shining none other than the in-form Obame Yang. Gabonese scored four goals in the last three games, but also, and Royce has become a pair of good partner.

Finally, in Dortmund, there are plenty of players on the bench despite Klopp use, after all, when the two teams in the March 18 moved Westphalia, only to bring glory to Dortmund through collective efforts.

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