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This year, FIFA 16's defense will become more real, because the EA SPORTS on the defensive re-design, players no longer rely on to fight alone to defend, but by moving the defensive player, and rely on the overall defense to carry out to prevent The other player's offense.

- Agile defense
EA SPORTS has made 25 improvements based on last year's FIFA 15 "Defensive Engines." With these 25 improvements, the defensive player will be able to react more agilely in a much smaller space and more flexible Direction FIFA 16 COINS, in the face of one-on-one when the performance will be more balanced. Defender back chasing time and more freedom of movement will make you greatly increase the defensive self-confidence.
- Defensive units
Defend together, Win together. Defense will be the cornerstone of winning! In the new defensive AI in the FIFA 16 will allow players to be more calm in the defense. Defensive AI will be in a reasonable time at a reasonable location in a reasonable manner to assist the player to defend.
- New interception method
EA SPORTS redesigned the "intercept system", making the player to make interception in the action even more real. FIFA 16 adds a new tackle system that allows players to control how far they can glide when tackling players. When you tackle tackles or get rid of each other dexterity, you can get up and leave the ground to keep pressure on the ball.
Of course, the new system increases, you can choose the defensive option in this way to confuse the opponent. For example, when the other re-transmission through the fake slide shovel to force the other to make other reactions, resulting in fighter delays.
A game winning or losing depends entirely on the midfield control is good or bad. In FIFA 16 midfield control will be very important. Two new innovations will enable you to dominate the game.
- Intelligent interception
On the court you will have a more intelligent helper. The new interception logic will help your AI teammates better predict the passing of the line, and make the correct pass line to intercept. Intercepts are both offensive and defensive. When your team is in control of the ball, the players will respond more quickly and find the space to pass and the opportunity. In defense, players will help blockade the other's pass line to avoid being caught neutral.
- A more purposeful pass
Passing system has also made a change, players will be able to spread more sharp, ecstasy pass to find your teammates. Find your teammates and create offensive opportunities in a small space with a new "pushbutton" combination. Pass more with the purpose of balancing the intelligent interception system, this will bring players the most realistic football experience.
Nothing is more beautiful than the goal! In FIFA 16, EA SPORTS will "make sure" players from every dribble, pass to the shot will be unique!
- NO TOUCH DRIBBLING More real dribbling!
The new dribbling system will allow players to decide when to start the ball from "when". Players can at this time to make a variety of technical moves, such as feint or change the ball to the ball, etc., these do not touch the ball as the premise to do it!
This set of dribbling system is captured by Messi to complete. By capturing the actions of Messi, such as Messi in dribbling to make a fake action and then at the right time to break through the opponent.
This year will be more true biography. Players in each pass will be based on the player's location and the way the ball more than lead to the transmission is not the same.
Like professional players, in the FIFA 16, the sense of each shot and the ball running track will be unique. EA SPORTS re-set the foot naked, which makes the player at the shot through the nude in different positions when the ball contact different types of shooting methods, thereby enriching the way scoring. Perhaps in an attack missed the opportunity to score, but the next time through more appropriate adjustments to the ball into.
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