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 "FIFA 17" in the virtual progress on the widely praised, it is so true, that ... ... also put a real name and his Twitter ID into the game.

At the end of last month "FIFA 17" with a new story mode "football journey" for sale, in this mode, the player can play a fledgling football teenager Alex Hunt to glory. In the game, Hunter has a fan named Calvin Wong, he also uses a platform similar to Twitter to send a message to Hunter, his ID is @ CalWong.
The fictional @CalWong said in the game: "Unbelievable! Alex Hunt was too busy to give me a signature, I have been (4ever) waiting for him!" And when he got the signature will say: "I Will be (4ever) keep.
A little mean not. But more interesting is that there really is a person called Calvin Wong, and his Twitter account is @ CalWong. On September 20, a player made a screenshot and told Wong that he was using his name and account number. In response, Wong made a @EASPORTSFIFA Twitter statement:
Hey bastards! Please do not use the real twitter account in your mentally retarded game, thanks.
Ranger network
Wong's Twitter has caused some attention, but it did not get EA's response. So in the next few days, Wong sent some Twitter to blame EA for this irresponsible behavior.
"I work on Cartoon Network, a cable channel in the United States that specializes in animated programming, and every time we create a character in a show, it makes sure it's perfectly legal," Wong said. ID @CalWong can find me immediately.However, there is not even a EA who would do so, it is simply ridiculous.
Although Wong did not wait to EA's apology, but ushered in a lot of extreme "FIFA" fans. They called Wong "irrelevant prick".
"You want them (EA) no matter what, and then let everyone push you," he said.
Some people say: "This game is more important than you, the rules point."
Ranger network
There are even some people from Wong's surname that he is likely to be Asian, and sent him racially discriminatory Twitter. "There's a lot of racial discrimination, I'm tired," Wong said, adding that he was under pressure from a lot of negative attention, but he also supported him to remove his name from FIFA 17.
"It's like I have a pretty private house on a corner of the network, and someone who is thousands of miles away has given my address to some football hooligans," Wong said.
After Wong's lawyer contacted EA, the game giant eventually apologized to Wong, who said the game would use Wong's Twitter account as a coincidence, after which they would patch his name from the game.
In addition, EA has not made any other evaluation of the matter.
In the end, Wong said yes, this is really only Google to be able to avoid things.
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