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 Kevin Garcia grew up in New York City, a Dominican family, his life had only two sports. "As a Latin child growing up in the Bronx, I've only played basketball and baseball." He participated in a sports summer camp during the 2010 World Cup, when he did not know where the excitement was. As a basketball fan, he is more concerned about when LeBron - James joined the New York Knicks.

Today, Garcia daily Conti's Chelsea in the mouth, very concerned about the blue title race situation. So in the end what happened, Garcia was originally the Knicks and Yankees fans, why he has such a change? The answer is simple. "To tell you the truth, everything is because of" FIFA. "" Garcia said the United States EA company's a football video game, not a corrupt football management organization. "Without this game, I would not have known the charm of football and would not fall in love with the sport."
Garcia is through the recommendation of university students to know "FIFA". Compared to the crazy game of basketball scores and baseball game playing stop, he began to appreciate the beauty of football. "I am obsessed with the simple transmission of football, and appreciate the two teams can play 90 minutes without scoring pure.This is a focus on the details of the movement, a small mistake can ruin a game, or even destroy the competition Champion hopes, such as Gerrard 's slip against Chelsea a few years ago.
Now, football has become the choice of Garcia. "I found that football is much better than basketball, baseball and rugby, I can at least know in advance how much time a game takes, other sports have too many pauses, the game is not smooth.This is my favorite" FIFA "reasons, I think It perfectly restores the sport of football. "
"FIFA" on the impact of American football fans immeasurable. In fact, the game's sales in North America has grown dramatically. According to a survey conducted by ESPN, since 2009, the number of US football fans continued to rise, most of them 12-17 year-olds. At the same time, "FIFA" sales heat is also rising from 2010 to 2012, the game's sales increased by 35%, the cumulative sales also reached 2.6 million four years ago. The same report also shows that more than 1/3 of the buyers then became football fans, and 50% of people playing the game after the start of football interest.
In the United States, there is clearly a close connection between video games and reality sports, and FIFA has also infiltrated the youth culture of the United States, especially in the university, students have fun. "FIFA" is the most suitable game to play in the hostel, it's easy to play, and the game is just long, "said Wisconsin graduate Brian Vaidy." There are a growing number of players in the club, Began to care about the US national team, every Saturday night will watch football. "Vedi is" FIFA "loyal players over the years, he believes that the success of the game also benefited from sports in the United States and television promotion. It is reported that in 2010 the United States only five network channels to play football games, there are now 12 or so. In addition, the number of Premiership fans in the United States has reached 30 million.
Los Angeles' Dillon - Arthur said: "University played" FIFA "brought back after my football addiction.Whether it is called a group of friends World Cup game, or play in front of the two Councils," FIFA "are very Good choice. "22-year-old he admitted that playing" FIFA "before he is not football fans, not even a football player's name. "Now I am an absolute fan, a few years ago in the Rose Bowl Stadium saw the only football game, Manchester United 7-0 victory over the Los Angeles Galaxy.
From the perspective of participation in football, "FIFA" also affected the United States to play football kids, whether school team members or kicking the play. Matthew Serentano, a freshman at Northwestern University, recalls his childhood: "When I was five or six I took part in a local football league, but I did not have much interest in it. League, and then took part in the Flags Football League, but I do not have much enthusiasm for these two sports in the sixth grade, I kicked back to football, was a member of the school team is also at this time, I began to play "FIFA", but also became the Arsenal fans since then, football has become my movement, I feel the fetters and football, baseball and rugby can not give me this feeling.
In the school team to play the day, Serentano will "FIFA" as football encyclopedia, he knew a lot of teams and players, but also some understanding of technical and tactical. "FIFA" to build his football world view, he then applied these to reality. "I think FIFA is a very good platform for young Americans to learn about football through entertainment, the game has a fine database and a lot of information, the more you play the more you know the ball, the more you like football . "
Although there are many American fans of the "FIFA" is not cold, but have to admit that this game has trained a lot of fans. They operate through the virtual world and experience, to understand the football in the real world of beauty.
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