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 ST: 17, of course, the most fierce or ST Lo, the landlord can not afford to buy, in addition to the best use of this animal was undoubtedly used Suarez and Ibrahimovic, a level two is better than a smart one wins in the model, after all, header 17 , They are not much description, and then down is the Diba La with the lattice, and they are stronger than the US sheep with Levin, where strongly recommended not to buy 17 Aguero. This generation of KUN with almost sucker, with Luca library do not buy Aguero!

LW: In addition to Luo, I feel that Royce is best to use than Nei Maer are strong, spokesman is really not the same! Premiership preferred Sanchez! Thigh invincible rolling Azar! Purple stick very worthy of possession!
RW: graduation candidate is Bell, than Massey strong no shadow, by the body speed can be forced to overtake any side position, invincible post moves with the header, how to say that Messi with Bell is younger brother, no longer that 16 Of Messi. Ugh. Premiership Purple Castin with the dark horse, the Bundesliga Pineapple, Robben both, the old man can still a generation of this war, left foot shot still no solution within the cut!
CAM: money you directly win the black Cabogba, no money to save money to buy gold Cabo Gbagba, this position only recommended his irreplaceable! Too Niubi, the landlord in the D5's Bogba field Are two goals, the world wave with kick almost the same kick.
CM: Toure, weaken a little Bogba, the attack is still the top midfield! Set often there will be surprises! This generation of bad model Vidal, the Bundesliga will buy Sanseix 78 score 88 experience! Of the Gomez is also quite good, La Liga rare B2B, friendship prompted this generation of the best players with a corner of the attributes of the players. . You will find the corner kick really easy!
After the field: strong push Bundesliga Naldo, guard in the strongest offensive touch, header without solution, but also long-range! Premiership K6 essential irreplaceable! La Liga with the standard is not introduced, Sergio Boateng With the fox did not imagine so easy to use, at least as good as Nurdo Hu Mei, do not believe you try
Goalkeeper: Obarak, Neuer, De Heya line, pantyhose, Lolita second line, Buffon, Leno three lines, Cech 18 lines away, buy a silver gate than Cech easy to use, He is a big one
No money recommended to use the French front of the Serie A backcourt, affordable! Lakazete, the Alpha, Dimaliya to catch the French left, very easy to use
Buy a Borgapag play CM is completely wasted, Tintin this generation can only be the second attacking midfielder, not 55 feet, in this position with Bogba is not a featherweight
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