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November 24, 2016/17 season Champions League Group A match day 5 to continue, Arsenal at home 2 to 2 draw with Paris Saint-Germain, Cavani and Giroux has scored goals, Villadi self-pendulum Oolong , Small Lucas equalizer.

Arsenal after the opening consecutive backcourt, but Paris failed to seize the opportunity to counterattack to create scoring. Paris, the first 15 minutes almost broke, small Lucas out corner, Cavani's header was Gibbs in the door line before the rescue. Paris, the first 18 minutes to get the lead, Kerry Chowiak sent a straight forward, Matuidi Jenkinson and Mustafi broke into the restricted area between the left side of the ramp, Cavani close shovel injection network.
Arsenal siege kickback fast, Ma Erjinos tactical foul yellow card. Arsenal halftime equalizer, Clechovic backcourt mistakes, Ozil pass, Sanchez restricted the right side was Keliuoweiyake uprooting, Giroux hit a penalty kick, 1-1.
52 minutes, Coase Czerny backcourt after the error on the small Lucas tactical foul was booked. Small Lucas 25 yards free kick direct shot regret in the crossbar pop. Giru restricted area on the left side of the shot was Maerke Nios denied the bottom line, Ozil out corner, but Giro headed wide.
Arsenal 60 minutes go-ahead score, Ramsay restricted the right side of the shot was blocked, Marquez Osman siege hit Villadi bounce into their own doors, 2-1. Cavani broke into the restricted area under the defense of Coase Czerny fell, the referee refused a penalty kick. Paris equalizer 77 minutes, the Alpha out of the corner, small Lucas far 10 yards header, Ivo than the door line before the header siege unsuccessful, the ball deflection network, 2-2.
The first 79 minutes, small Lucas counterattack in the pass, Cavani closed edge of the single-pole lob was Ospina flying off. Paris 82 minutes again missed the opportunity, small Lucas on the right pass, Cavani small restricted area before the top scrub left column missed. Eventually the two sides 2 to 2 draw again, will continue to compete in the last round of group top name.
25-Jenkinson (81 ', 15-Chamberlain), 20-Mustafi, 6-Kos Czerny, 3-Gebu (78 ', 29-Zacha); 7-Sanchez, 11-Ozil, 17-Ivorby; 12-Giroux
(6-3): 16-Arreola; 12-Mooney, 5-Marchion, 2-Tiago-Silva, 17-Maxwell; 7-Little Lucas (89 ', 22-Hesse), 9-Cavani, 14-Matoui (6' Di)
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