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Football players in the real world are playing every minute of their own fate on the pitch, but it is more subtle in video games. "FIFA 17" in the new journey model is full of inspiration, every game and every season is the feeling of real deal.

However, the "FIFA 17" in the mode of travel in a very vague position: it gives you a play in your teenager Alex Hunter (Alex Hunter) to complete the legendary feeling, but you do not have enough control Force to determine the ownership of Hunter, the story of the model itself may also be out of touch with Hunter's behavior. Nevertheless, there are still many memorable moments of the journey, along with the custom mode and the feel of a higher level, this is the "FIFA" series made a memorable first step.
"FIFA 17" mode of travel is a traditional Bea Pro model of a complex package, players need to use the game rating indicators on the Hunter's passing, shooting and walking quality of performance evaluation. This system can increase the ability of Hunter and decide whether he is prepared to participate in the weekly, Hunter in the Premier League as a rookie experience career ups and downs, we can also have a certain understanding of his personal life.
Journey mode in the capture of Hunter's high light moment is very out of color, for example, with his childhood favorite club signing Hunter's performance was perfect capture. Like Hunter, I watched the top players in the background and enjoyed the moment. Solid sound and character models to enrich the effect of these moments, Hunt childhood bedroom becomes very interesting. Developers EA Vancouver Studio cleverly limits the main storyline to the football world, and we sometimes have access to Hunter's family life, but that's all there is to it.
Although the "FIFA 17" travel mode story is full, I still hope in the "FIFA" series of proud system of authorization to get more experience. In the game the coach is very silent and very rare, you also in the game is difficult to feel the club history, status, fans and other players around the club and other related atmosphere. Hunter played side by side with a club in a season, but apart from the uniform and a handful of fictional players interacting with Hunt, I still feel isolated from the gorgeous atmosphere that the Premier League, which claims to be number one in the world, deserves.
This part of the violation and the game comes from the dialogue system and training competition in the skills upgrade system. Some of the events in the story do not tell us what Hunt has done, although I think the narrative does require a front-end event, but this arrangement is very inconsistent and sometimes I am disappointed when the state of training in the game is very good Found that they have not been based on these merits should be treated.
In the "FIFA 17" in addition to the story of Hunter you can lead the whole team game, led the game's satisfaction and did not play Hunt is more real. But locking in Hunter means you'll rely more on computer-controlled teammates who do well in some situations, but they do not avoid tactical intelligence, and sometimes they can even waste time A good scoring opportunity. At the same time, the rating system also appears to be very incoherent and difficult to understand, a good decision may have adverse consequences.
In addition to the travel mode, "FIFA" series of common patterns also made some new changes. In the final team mode to set up the team and "crazy football" is similar: you need to complete the transaction card card collection and spending, trading pre-conditions can also be achieved in a variety of ways.
The original career model includes more season goals, even if not complete them also does not always mean that the end of life immediately, this is the "FIFA" series from last year to improve. Unfortunately, the "FIFA 17" women's football team and "FIFA 16" is too similar, and now joined the Norwegian team and Sweden, but other characteristics have not changed.
"FIFA" series of gameplay is on the rise, but sometimes there will still be even if you have to be able to predict the results of the disappointment of the moment, in addition to passing and too strong goalkeeper is still very problematic. Nevertheless, the first ball control mechanism and the improved physical engine is the advantages of this. The use of physical engine can block the ball in the other team members outside the range of contact or to avoid falling into a passive corner.
Journey mode is not "FIFA 17" the most important part, although flawed, this model is still a good game to join the beginning, the game is still relying on its overall gameplay and other modes. If "FIFA" can solve the problem of how to combine the player senses with the good storyline, the developers will be able to get a good return.
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