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Team history of the most important final road, Shapei Coins met a tragic disaster. Football, air crash, it is easy to think of the Manchester United suffered in 1958, the Munich crash. After that the Red Devils finally achieved a revival, can Shapes Koenners to indicate the road ahead?

Pakistan A team was killed by air crash 76 Manchester United "Munich air crash"
November 29, 2016, a team of Shaba Pei Cohen took the LMI2933 flight crashed into the way to Colombia. Colombian police confirmed that the plane a total of 81 people, including nine crew and 72 passengers, 76 people in the crash in the tragic death, including three players, including Chapel Coins 5 people were rescued.
Brazilian team Chapechenes players take the aircraft, took off from Bolivia, ready to go to Medellin, Colombia, to participate in December 1 at the South American Club Cup final. Medellin Airport official said the plane crash may be due to electrical failure of the airport podium, the plane broke into two sections after a hard landing. Before the natural disaster, let us feel how fragile life and small.
It was a near-devastating blow to the Chapecols club. 22 first-team players in the accident plane, only three players survived, plus stay in the domestic 18, the club only 21 players. 35-year-old captain Kleiber - Santana, is also the list of victims.
Air crash, football, when the two words linked together, people's thoughts, back to Manchester United had suffered "Munich crash." Chapecoens Club suffered the Kuangshi disaster, and 58 years ago, the Munich air crash, has too many similarities.
February 6, 1958, the British European Airlines, "Lord Burleigh", including Manchester United generals, including 44 people starting from Belgrade, when the Champions League 1/4 finals just ended, Manchester United total score of 5-4 out of the opponent . Aircraft in Munich refueling take-off, due to the snow's sake, two take-off failed. On the third attempt, the plane rushed out of the runway and crashed into nearby buildings and trucks full of fuel. The whole machine 44 people killed 23 people, including eight Manchester United players.
A young, energetic, rising team, playing in the Intercontinental event on the way to the accident, this is 58 years ago, Manchester United's story, today's Chapelle Coens story. Chapelle Coins was founded in May 10, 1973, from the 80s of the last century so far, they only 3 times the history of the top league in Brazil. But from 2009 to 2014, Chapecoens rose 3, since 1979, after the first return to the top flight. Although the poor record this season, but in the South American Cup (status equivalent to the European Cup) made a historic breakthrough, all the way into the finals, will compete with the Colombian national champion. This could have been a start to a brilliant team, but was abruptly interrupted by a crash.
In front of the air crash, the outcome back to second. Everyone wants and is convinced that the members of Chapecoens will wipe away tears, overcome all difficulties, stand up and face challenges - as did Manchester United more than 50 years ago. Final opponent National Sports decided to apply to the South American Football Association, the South American Cup title given to Chapecoens, which was proposed to give the Champions League Real Madrid is exactly the same.
Although the former Luneng coach Kuka as the title plate to win, but Chapelle Coen is expected to write history in the South American Cup.
Manchester United after the Munich crash is the example of Chapecords. Injury coach Dusty Busby issued "let the banner flying down, stick to it," the exhortations, assistant coach Jimmy - Murphy with the reserves as the backbone of the Red Devils, won the 1957-1958 FA Cup second runner-up. Coach Busby recovered after the reorganization of rivers and mountains, air crash survivors Bobby - Charlton, Bill - Fulkesi as the core, coupled with George - Best, Dennis - labor and other fresh blood injection, Manchester United opened the revival of the trip . 10 anniversary of the crash in 1968, Manchester United won the first Champions League history. Busby old tears, holding the Champions League 8 times, shouting eight air crash killed Manchester United players.
In the ruins of how to "rebuild their homes"? Manchester United's revival of the road, may be able to become Shapaikorns the light.
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