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December 1, 2016-17 season, England League Cup 1/4 finals continue to war, Manchester United will be at Old Trafford against West Ham United. The game has just begun, Ibrahimovic Militaran assists single-pole break, Manchester United made a dream start. 35 minutes, A-Fletcher to break the old club door, equalizer for the visiting team. Then Cresswell and Luke Shaw have been back injury. The first 48 minutes, Mu Xita Liang sent out again assists, mashal broke for Manchester United once again lead. 58 minutes, Antonio back injury. 62 minutes, mashaer scored twice. The last minute, Ibrahimovic also completed the second plum. Ultimately, Manchester United 4-1 victory over West Ham United, promoted to the League Cup semi-finals.

In the last round of the Premier League, Manchester United 1-1 at home with West Ham. After a few days, Manchester United once again usher in the challenges of West Ham. Manchester United against West Ham United's record of 46 wins, 9 draws and 14 losses. Lineup, the game Bogba and Feleni are red card suspension. Dec. 1 morning, the British Football Association official announced that Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho because in the West Ham on the sidelines of the irrational behavior was suspended for a fine of £ 16,000. The ban immediately came into effect, so he will miss the game. The last round of the League Cup, West Ham home out of the state is good Chelsea, this time away to fight Old Trafford, West Ham can reproduce giants killer character, worth the wait.

With the referee whistle, the whole game began. Opening the first 2 minutes, Rooney sent forward straight Zhise, Mu Xita good front door closed the ball homeopathic heel ball to plug the Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the latter single-handed goalkeeper easily Tuishe broke! Manchester United made the dream start, 1-0 lead at home West Ham! Ibrahimovic goal, Adrian kicking to his knees, Ibrahimovic fell to the ground, the game was interrupted for a time, but fortunately Ibrahimovic injury without incident.

7 minutes, Wayne Rooney sent again before the pass, Ibrahimovic Road ball into the restricted area kick shot, Adrian fell to the ground the ball saved, Zlatan Ibrahimovic followed by blank range again Adrian saved. The first 15 minutes, Obiang on the left side of the big closed corner near the back of the Ma Chaer back into the book to eat a yellow card. Wayne Rooney kick the ball directly from the center of the ball to draw an arc to the far corner, Adrian flying ball saved the bottom line.

The first 18 minutes, Manchester United launched a counterattack, Ma Xiaer long-range raid to the restricted area before the kick shot above the bar. The first 23 minutes, Muhtarlane back to make, Herrera restricted frontier follow-up shot by West Ham defender denied. The first 30 minutes, Ibrahimovic counterattack in the long-range kick was denied, then Masha Er received a pass low kick Mu Xita Liang, the ball was Adrian confiscated. The first 32 minutes, Rooney closed the area before the long-range West Ham defender again blocked.

35 minutes, Obiang midfielder right-sided out of the defensive in a timely manner to send a precise transfer of large-scale transfer, Payer frontcourt left the ball inside the cut after a strong low shot, De Heya net smash sell, Manchester United old A-Fletcher in front of the blank range to break! West Ham, the first half of a decent attack on the only goal in the road to tie the game!

39 minutes, Valencia stepped on Crespierville to eat a yellow card. 45 minutes, Crespiere injury back, Masuya library off the bench.
Half cruised, the two sides battle into 1-1 level.

Easy side battles, the end of the first half of the game discomfort Luke Shaw replaced by Blinder.

The first 48 minutes, Manchester United steals the front, near the right side of Valencia sent out pass, Mu Xita Liang catching into the restricted area, the bottom line sent in the inverted triangle, Massimo Sharu follow up foot strike! Manchester United once again out of the score, the field into a 2-1 score!

53 minutes, Rooney dissatisfied with the referee to eat a yellow card. The first 56 minutes, Wayne Rooney sent forward pass, Marjorie follow-up single-handedly Tuishe, Adrian struggling to save the ball. 58 minutes, West Ham was hit again, Antonio injury back, Ranzini off the bench. 61 minutes. Ibrahimovic kick restricted area before the free kick direct Gongmen, the ball through the wall after Adrian confiscated.

The first 62 minutes, Ibrahimovic sent accurate straight Zhise, Valencia restricted area on the right to follow-up low-level ball in the pass, easy to break in front of the mashal! Manchester United 3-1 lead!

The first 75 minutes, Ibrahimovic left back pass, Rooney shakes in front of the door, Reed defense when the heel is too high, scrape Rooney's face, which suddenly out of the face of blood. The first 78 minutes, Rooney closed the left flashed defensive kick after the ball inside the arc ball Gongmen, the ball a little deviation from the right column. The first 79 minutes, Muhtaran closed before the pass Ibrahimovic, one foot shot hit the defensive player refracted above the bar.

The first 81 minutes, Muhtarlane right side of the big closed area corner sent a precise pick biography, Ibrahimovic restricted area on the left side of the ball a little adjustment low kick, Adrian saved the ball brave the bottom line. 86 minutes, the pig off the bench. The first 87 minutes, Fernandez restricted area before the foot kick hit the defensive player refracted beyond the bar.

The first 90 minutes, the pig received a long ball shot Ibrahimovic, the ball wipe the column flying out of the bottom line. Added the last minute, Fei Guli door in front of foot rubbing slightly higher than the beam. Then pig planning attack, Herrera small left side of the restricted area in front of cross, Ibrahimovic easily Tuishe break! The score is locked at 4-1!

Ultimately, Manchester United 4-1 victory over West Ham United, promoted to the League Cup semi-finals.
Both teams:
Manchester United starting: 1 - Degea, 25 - Valencia, 6 - Luo Huo, 4 - Jones, 23 - Luke Shaw (46'17 - Blind), 16 - Carrick, 21 - Herrera , 22 - Mu Xitaliang (90'19 - Rushford), 10 - Wayne Rooney, 11 - Ma Shire (86 '31 - Schweinsteiger), 9 - Ibrahimovic
West Ham starting: 13 - Adrian, 8 - Cuyate, 2 - Reed, 21 - Aon Bonner, 31 - Fernandez, 14 - Obiang, 7 - Fei Gu Li, 3 - Creswell 30 '- Antonio (58'10-Ranzini), 24-A-Fletcher, 27-Payer (76'11-Zaza)
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