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December 1, 2016, King's Cup fourth leg of the second leg, Real Madrid at home against Leonissa. The first half Assen Xiu assists Mariano lightning break, Carvajal assists J Luo header into the ball again, followed by Carvajal assists Mariano scored the score to expand the half before the end of Gonzalez World Wave break back a goal, the second half Mariano assists Enzo - Zidane low shot, before the end of the game Teguro assists Mariano header into the ball again hat-trick, Nacho Chuanzhong caused Molgado Long, Real Madrid 6-1 victory over Leon Nissa, two rounds of Real Madrid 13-2 Leonisza promotion.

The first leg of Real Madrid away 7-1 bloody Leonessa, the next round of almost nail. This week will usher in the national derby, the Royal will go away to challenge Barcelona. Real Madrid League status is good, the league 13 unbeaten, leading Barcelona 6 points. The face of Leon Nisa, Zidane will be the main rotation. The campaign, Casemirlo back starting, Hamas, Isco starter, Elder high, Asencio, Mariano and other three teenager will also be starting.
The first half began, Leonis took the lead kickoff. 1 minute, defender backcourt mistakes, Asencio closed down the road to the front of the inverted triangle, Mariano easily break in front of Tuishe, Real Madrid 1-0 Leonisa.
6 minutes, J Luo midfielder right-sided was broken. 7 minutes, Cavalliar restricted area on the right low ball pass was broken. 8 minutes, kawahar restricted area before the restricted area by the header kick. 11 minutes, J Luo front of the left-sided long-pass transfer right-sided off by the defender. 15 minutes, Galliard front left-sided ball into the restricted area, Assencio header siege.
16 minutes, Asencio Zhisai restricted area, Kawahar was the ball cross, Mariano Tuishe broke, but offside first, the goal is invalid.
19 minutes, Assencio midfielder oblique pass before the field on the right, the guard to pre-empt the ball out of the bottom line. 22 minutes, Kawahar cross from the right, J Rohm front header rushed broke, Real Madrid 2-0 Leonisa.
27 minutes, J Luo restricted front door left foot hit the goalkeeper Puzhu. 29 minutes, right-sided mass in the Galliard, Bena headed the top side. 33 minutes, Elder high ball to the restricted area of ​​the bottom right-sided inverted triangular cross, the defender to the first Bigfoot rescue. 36 minutes, Icco restricted arc long-range missed. 38 minutes, Mariano left the restricted area to hit the goalkeeper will be denied by the goalkeeper. 41 minutes, the right-sided 45-degree pass in the Cavaliers, Mariano defender shot-break shot, Real Madrid 3-0 Leonisa.
44 minutes, Gonzalez restricted area outside the blast wave world broke, Real Madrid 3-1 Leon Nisa.
The end of the first half, Assa Xiu assists Mariano flash break, followed by Carvajal continuous assists J Luo, Mariano break, midfielder Gonzalez World Wave before the end of a wave to pull back a goal, Real Madrid 3 -1 Leonissa.
The second half began, Real Madrid midfielder kick-off. 46 minutes, Benia closed teammates in the restricted area of ​​the inverted triangle shot wide miss. 49 minutes, Nacho inside the restricted area hit the door just wide of the left. 51 minutes, Tehero on the right biography, Mariano barely Tongshe missed. 53 minutes, Asensio cross from the left, the goalkeeper directly to the ball confiscated. 54 minutes, Ede high front of the restricted area of ​​the right-sided shot missed. 58 minutes, J Luo Zhise frontcourt, goalkeeper shovel to the ball, Mariano lost the ball.
62 minutes, Enzo - Zidane closed the middle of the road Mariano then low shot broke, Real Madrid 4-1 Leonisa.
66 minutes, Teherlo oblique pass, Mariano suddenly missed the front pad. 74 minutes, Enzo - Zinedine Zidane restricted area in the bottom line of inverted triangle pass by goalkeeper clinging. 75 minutes, Teherlo on the right-sided biography goalkeeper saved. 77 minutes, Assen Xiu restricted area pass in the left, after the point Ghero volley hit the door was blocked goalkeeper the bottom line. 79 minutes, Assen Xiu restricted area swept the middle of the road was defender blocked the bottom line. 83 minutes, Eldor restricted area hit the ball hit the left door higher. 86 minutes, Galliard front right-sided ball into the restricted area, after the point of Moreno header header partial. 87 minutes, Te Hero cross from the right, Mariano header in front of the door, Real Madrid 5-1 Leonisa.
89 minutes, najo cross from the left, mulgado siege oolong break, Real Madrid 6-1 Leon Nisa.
The end of the match, the first half Assen Xiu assists Mariano lightning break, Cavallah J Luo assists re-entry into the ball, followed by Carvajal assists Mariano break score to expand, before halftime Gonzalez World wave break pull a ball, the second half Mariano assists Enzo - Zidane low shot, before the end of the game assists Mariano assists Mariano header into the ball again hat-trick, Nacho Chuanzhong caused Morgardo Oolong, Real Madrid 6-1 victory over Leon Nissa, Real Madrid two rounds 13-2 Leonisza promotion.
Real Madrid: 13 - Casillas (75 '25 - Ruben Yanez); 2 - Cavallah (45' 5-Wallane), 3- Pepe, 6 Nacho, (45 '29 - Enzo - Zinedine Zidane), 20 - Asensio; 10 - Hamas - Rodriguez, 26 - Elder high , 18 - Mariano
Lionessa: 1 - Leandro, 2 - Bastos, 4 - George, 5 - Morgado, 3 - Diaz, 8 - Gonzalez, 6 - Cristobal, 10-Villa, 11-Galliard, 7-Ortiz (81 '12-Moreno), 9-Benia (52' 14-Zeifron).
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